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4G Proxy | Optimize your cross-country browsing experience

August 13 2021

Proxy server is an Internet server with its own IP address, which is between the user and the Internet. It is the intermediate program between the user’s computer and the Internet site, and also the transfer station of network information.

The proxy server can take the place of user machines to send page access requests to the Internet website, through a series of intermediate operations to provide users with network security filtering services, improve the speed and efficiency of browsing the website, and protect users’ privacy and security.

That is to say, the proxy server is the “firewall” of the users’ network security and privacy and the “accelerator” of Internet browsing.

How does Proxy work?

Proxy is the middle man

When you open an Internet link directly without using a proxy server, the Internet will get the IP address of the users’ computer from the received request signal and send the information back based on the address it has got.

The Computer’s IP address is the Internet equivalent of your address in the real world. In other words, the IP address is your address when you send the letter, and the Internet link you request is where the recipient is located.

When the Internet receives your letter (request signal), your address (IP) also leaves a trace. A proxy server is an intermediate program that is both a server and a client. When your client is connected to it and sends a request signal to the Internet, the proxy server will receive the request and collect the required information from the Internet on your behalf and send it back to your browser so that you can see the link you want to view.

When the proxy server sends your request to the Internet, it can keep the trunk demand and adjusts users’ data at the same time. It helps you to change your IP address and uses proxy addresses for network activity so that the Internet can’t exactly get your location, which can protect personal privacy data and avoid Internet filtering, etc.

At the same time, the vast majority of proxy servers have buffer or cache function, If the resource you request has the latest storage on the memory, it can retrieve data directly from memory and feed it back to your browser, which saves the step of forwarding the request signal to the Internet, so as to improve your browsing efficiency and give you a high experience.

The use of proxy

  • Speed up& cost down: The cache function saves the process of sending signals to the Internet and collecting data, improving users’ browsing efficiency and reduces communication costs.
  • Filtering& policing: It protects against offensive access. The proxy server can monitor and filter dangerous information whether it is the user’s behavior of accessing the Internet or the information feedback from the Internet.
  • Protecting real IP: Hiding IP through proxy servers to protect personal privacy and avoid marketing interference and malicious attacks.
  • Breaking through the limit: In the face of IP blocking or content filtering of foreign websites, you can access foreign websites through proxy servers.

the use of proxy

Why need 4G Proxy?

4G proxy servers, as the name suggests, are associated with mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.). When you use mobile data to connect to the Internet, the 4G proxy server will provide you with the IP address of the destination region, which allows you to you can browse foreign websites. The IP addresses of 4G mobile proxy will remain in rotation, so you will be using dynamic mobile IP for Internet activities.

The feature of 4G proxy

  • 4G mobile proxy is the most advanced mobile agent. It Provides users with mobile IP addresses that can be rotated by all devices, and the Internet has a high degree of trust in the IP addresses it provides (because everyone Shared IP, the Internet does not want to reject hundreds of thousands of its customers by banning one IP), Therefore, the performance of 4G proxy service to protect privacy and filtering is strong.
  • 4G mobile proxy provides you with a clean IP address. Because the mobile network uses dynamic IP, the behavior of the last user can affect your use (you may encounter situations where you need to authenticate).
  • 4G mobile proxy is easier and faster to operate. 4G proxy is applicable to all operating systems. The mobile proxy will automatically serve you, so what only you need to do is to check the country to access it, no need to install other software.

the feature of 4g proxy

The difference between 4G proxy and VPN

VPNs and 4G mobile proxies both allow you to break through blockages and hide the real IP address, but there are some differences in details. VPNs need to be served by the corresponding software, and the browsing activities operated in the software will be encrypted, making it impossible for any behavior to obtain your information. But at the same time, you need to pay for the encryption service, so VPNs are usually expensive. What’s more, because the VPN is installed on your device so the process of encryption may slow down your device. Therefore, unless encryption is required, buying a VPN is not recommended.

How to choose 4G proxy?

Whats make a good 4G proxy

So if I want to buy agency services, what elements should be considered carefully? Here gives some factors to consider:

  • The number of IP addresses: The more the provider offers, the more you can choose, and this large number also implies the power of performance.
  • The number of rotated IPs: You can access multiple websites without any problem by rotated IP.
  • The sharing capability of a mobile proxy: The sharing capability provided by the provider may not be suitable for network scraping.
  • Price: Price also has certain references in measuring the stability of performance. Generally speaking, the more data, the higher the price. At the same time, affordability is a real factor to be considered.
  • Speed: The faster a 4G mobile proxy service runs, the better your experience will be.

whats make a good 4g proxy

Some good providers

When the demand arises, it takes a lot of energy and time to set up a mobile proxy. So in order to meet the demand, the agent service providers were born. In order to accurately find the desired supplier in a complex competitive market of suppliers, it is necessary to investigate the services they provide, and here are several options:

  • Luminati——”Provides the most advanced mobile residential proxy service offering the fastest and largest real-peer 3G/4G IPs network in the world.”: Luminati is the first and largest 4g proxy provider in the market. Luminati’s network has spread all over the world, and you can choose an IP address in any country. Free 7-day trial service is also provided. But the official use is expensive.
  • Soax—— “Cleanest, regularly updated proxy pool available exclusively to you. Over 8. 5M IPs are active worldwide. Flexible targeting by country, region, city, and provider.”: The Soax mobile Agent service is accurate in location coverage which has fully compatible with many use cases. It is affordable and has excellent run time, but maybe slow in customer support.
  • HydraProxy——”The Internet As It Should Be.Limitless.”: The number of IP addresses that HydraProxy has had reached over 200,000 and is affordable. Because only targeted all US States, it has extensive coverage across the United States and is available in all states.
  • Proxy-cheap—— “Best Value! No monthly commitment. No additional fees. “: As a proxy supplier known for its cheap, it is very safe and reliable. Its target market is the European Union and the United States. Free trial is available but there is no refund.
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