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How to Increase Conversions with Facebook Chatbots?

February 14 2022

Many people are starting to look at Facebook chatbots because they can act as a guide and they don’t interfere with the customer’s mood. So how can Facebook chatbots increase conversion rates?Chatbots

What are the benefits of Facebook chatbots?

Facebook chatbots can respond to simple questions as well as show customers information about the products they need. Users don’t even have to worry about the bot’s endless sales pitches.

Chatbots can improve the quality of customer service

Chatbots are able to provide 24-hour service to users and the time between conversations is reduced accordingly, also reducing the waiting time for users.improve the quality of customer service

Reduce customer abandonment rates

Chatbots can not only send reminders but also offer discount coupons, which can retain most customers.

How to set up a Facebook chatbot to collect customer information?

Create an interesting chatbot

You can only take the next step if you can interest the user. To increase customer interest, you can use more videos or pictures.increase customer interest

Create an encouraging bot

For marketing, nothing is more important than the user’s like, so how to use chatbots to guide users to share?

If users have questions about the product, they will choose to make a purchase only after they get a satisfactory answer, so pop up the share button when they feel most satisfied.

How to retain those customers who have browsed the website?

Those who have browsed the site must have a favorite product to keep checking, then you can use the chatbot to send some discount information every once in a while, etc.

Embody empathy

When selling products, you need to think from the customer’s point of view. When users have a feeling of being understood, they can build trust in the brand.

When using chatbots one needs to be aware of the following:

  • Using an approachable delivery style.
  • Providing users with free answers.
  • Bringing valuable information to users.

Using tests to retain customer information

Small tests can make customers more interested and share more often. This can lead fans to subscribe to the channel and also collect the user’s email information.

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