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What are the Problems with Facebook Advertising?

January 12 2022

When you choose Facebook for advertising and marketing, I believe you will encounter various problems. Here we sort out the relevant problems and share them separately to see if there is anything you need.Facebook

How does Facebook charge for ads?

Advertising fees are generally CPM and CPC, but some are CPS or CPA.

Do payment options affect your AD performance?

No, in general, payment options do not affect the cost per optimization of an AD, but there are exceptions, such as the use of uniform delivery, which may be partially affected.

If you pay for your Facebook ads when they are shown too often or too frequently, it’s usually easier to adjust the rate of use of your budget, so you might as well pay for each AD you show, not only to average out your budget but also to get better results.

If you choose to pay at less frequent times, it may affect the advertising budget.advertising budget

Why does that affect the adjustment of the rate at which the budget is used?

1)When selecting uniform delivery, the system will evenly deliver the entire advertising series, so that the budget cost is balanced.

2)The allocation of the budget will directly affect the time and way of expenditure

If you choose events that occur more frequently, you will be charged more frequently and the amount of money will be relatively small. The event with a low frequency of selection is the opposite, not only the frequency of the charge will be reduced, the amount of money will be relatively higher. When the frequency of events drops dramatically, it becomes difficult to control the budget.

3)Use the lowest cost bid: When you choose this strategy, Facebook will use the lowest cost bid to optimize your AD campaigns, but will also calculate the cost of your AD campaigns after they are scheduled to be spent in full on the same day.

4)Target cost bidding: This strategy is more suitable for the development of potential customers and advertising series for marketing purposes. This bidding method Facebook can not only get the optimization of the event for you but also in a single event optimization as close as possible to the target cost you set yourself.

Why is it that the advertising budget is not working well after increasing it?not working well

If you need to increase the advertising budget, it is not recommended that you add too much at once. You can analyze the data information every day and increase the budget multiple times according to the situation to avoid the risk of advertising collapse.

Why do you say that? Because when you increase the budget, Facebook will capture new demographic information, but the information captured is not necessarily what you need, which will lead to the deviation of your optimization direction, and ultimately lead to the advertising crash.

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