Multi core and multi version

Industry-leading fingerprint browser with dual Google and Firefox kernels for flexible selection


Google Kernel provides multiple versions of the kernel, with multiple versions (97,106) to better support different needs

ClonBrowser is developed based on the Google engine, and compared to the native Google browser, it adds browser fingerprint management function and does not send user information to Google, protecting your real device parameters.

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FlonBrowser of Firefox kernel can better support digital rights management website access

FlonBrowser is developed based on the Firefox engine. Like native Firefox browsers, we are committed to ensuring the concealment of online data and have added the ability to manage browser fingerprints, which provides higher security compared to native Firefox browsers.

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Full set of product features

Explore the full capabilities and possibilities of ClonBrowser

Quickly customize the environment

Browsing data encryption synchronization

Browser exclusive locks

Site account administration

Site access controls

Quick access proxy

Advanced proxy protocol

Three-party proxy support

Subscription proxy

Local proxy service

Data batch operation

Quick data import

App market

Team management

Access control

RPA automation

RPA script market

Visual RPA script editing

Compatible with Intel and Apple chips

Tech support

Manage multiple accounts in ClonBrowser

The only full-function version for free in this field, come and experience it!
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