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How to set up 9Proxy in ClonBrowser

June 14 2024

Learn how to use the proxy from 9Proxy with ClonBrowser.

1.Open the ClonBrowser client,Click[Cooperative Partner],Find the official website of 9Proxy,click [Visit].

2.Go to the 9Proxy official website (https://9Proxy.com), Log in to your account.

If you don’t have an account, please register first.

Or ①Enter your email address ②Enter your password ③Confirm password ④Please enter your invitation code(optional).

3.Click on [Pricing], choose the appropriate agent to purchase.

4.Go back to ClonBrowser,click [Proxy] and click [New],Paste the proxy information as required.

Test if the connection is successful, [Save] to start using your proxy!

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