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How to set up GoProxy in ClonBrowser

May 20 2024

Learn how to use the proxy from Goproxy with ClonBrowser.

1.Purchase Goproxy Proxies

Go to the Goproxy official website (https://www.goproxy.com), register an account.

You can choose to register directly with Google

Or ①Enter your last name ②Enter your email address ③Enter your password

Log in and go to the Dashboard.
Choose the type of proxies you need. There are more detailed package options on the [Buy Proxy] page to purchase the desired proxy.
Get the proxy information. Copy the generated proxy host, port, login and password on the [Use Proxy] page.
2.Open ClonBrowser
Go to the [Proxy] page and click [New], or [Batch]. Paste the proxy information as required.
Test if the connection is successful, [Save] to start using your proxy!
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