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Advertising strategies | How do Facebook ads stand out?

January 24 2022

For Facebook ads to stand out and get more conversion, they need to constantly update their content. What are the advertising strategies?Facebook

Display comparison information

For example, our eyes are highly sensitive to color, so high-contrast ads can make users have a visual impact and increase click-through rates.

Therefore, you can make a contrasting picture of the contrast effect before and after the use of the product, so that users can see the effect of the product more intuitively. Of course, it is important to see the effect of the product, but it is far less effective than real customer feedback, so it is also very important to add user feedback appropriately.

Highlight the advantages of the productHighlight the advantages

If your product is better compared to your competitor’s product, you can highlight it in your advertisement. If your competitor is a well-known brand, this will help your promotion.

Most users will have a deeper understanding of well-known brands. If your product is better than well-known brands in some aspects, users can be more assured to use and buy it.

Get users excited

That’s when you need to think from the user’s point of view. What kind of ads will excite users? At what level is the product most exciting to users?

Users’ cognition of the product comes from the merchant’s introduction, and they will have corresponding expectations when they buy it. If the user opens the express package and every detail of the product is better than expected, will it produce the greatest sense of excitement?

So would it be exciting to have an AD that gives users the visual and sensory experience of buying in a physical store? The advertising ads can be simpler, more direct, and more effective, and they can also drive orders.

Let users get a sense of superioritya sense of superiority

When advertising, you can add some words like “our members” and “members” to reduce the large group into small groups, so that users feel a sense of superiority.

This makes users feel like they want to be part of the community, and most importantly, it makes them more interested in exploring your brand story, user experience, etc.

However, it should be noted that advertising strategies of any kind will not achieve immediate results and may take a period of time to have significant results.

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