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How to use Facebook to get more traffic?

January 24 2022

Now that most people have their own blogs, how do you get traffic from Facebook to blog? At this time, you need to understand the type of posts users likes to get the traffic.the type of posts users like

Learn how to ask questions on Facebook

How do you get people to interact with you? Try voting and q&A.

Note the following during operation:

1)Keep the questions short and the rules simple to make it easier to get users involved.

2)Ask questions in a variety of forms, preferably combining the content of your home page.

3)Make the questions infectious. This will get more people involved.

4)Polls and documents are the most interactive.

Quote classic statementsresonate with people

Some famous quotes or infectious statements can be relatable.

Therefore, when publishing articles, you need to pay attention to:

1)It is important to extract words that can resonate with people.

2)Share classic phrases on your Facebook page with your blog to generate interaction and clicks.

Share blog posts on Facebook

Facebook requires regular updates to keep fans engaged, and sharing blog posts to Facebook is also a good option.

When sharing, you need to pay attention to:

1)Keep your Facebook headlines simple.

2)Don’t write a long blog post. It’s best to write 4-5 sentence summaries.

3)Many people use mobile access, so make sure your blog content can be read on mobile.

Use large images whenever possible

Facebook posts with pictures were more engaged than posts without pictures.

Use the combination of text and text to pay attention to:

1)Use the image on your blog first and make it attractive.

2)The title should have appeal.

3)Use shorter links

4)Constantly analyze which types of articles or images are popular and improve them.make it attractive

Do not use links when sharing articles

Please note that:

1)Keep the article concise and readable.

2)Only leave a link in the caption when uploading an image.

3)When sharing articles, don’t add links in the title.

Place articles that share your life or start with “how to”

The closer the content on the page is to the fans’ lives, the closer it is to them.

It needs to be noted that:

1)Articles that share life or how products are used are more attractive.

2)Use a good headline.

3)Using statements like “we” makes it easier to bring each other closer.

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