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Do you know the Facebook’s hidden functions?

January 19 2022

Few people are aware of Facebook’s hidden tricks, but how can Facebook’s hidden functions be used?Facebook

How do I download a full Facebook album?

If your friends upload a photo album, but the photos in the album are exactly what you need, you may have to download them one by one, which will take up most of your time and energy. What are some tips for downloading them?

You can find tools that will help you download quickly and easily.

1)You can download it on Photolive.

2)When you see the album you want to download, you can compress the album and download it.

How do I mute a session?

It can be annoying to have Facebook alert you when you enter a group and receive a new update or comment.

If you do not want to exit the group, you can set the session to mute. This will not affect your normal use, but you will no longer receive the corresponding prompt message.Facebook alert you

1)Go to the harassment message screen and click Action.

2)There will be an option to mute the session, which will make all the prompts quiet down.

How to publish blank status?

As regular Users of Facebook know, it doesn’t allow blank posts, and if you want to post a blank post, your friends might wonder how you did it.

You can type [@0:0:] in the update box.

If you want to have a few blank lines, just copy [@0:0:] a few times.

How do I view full-size non-public photos?

If you’ve ever tried to find someone using an image search, you’ve probably encountered this situation where the profile picture is too small to identify them. If he has privacy Settings, you won’t be able to see the full-size photos. So how do you view a full-size file photo?search

1)Open a new TAB or photo you want to see.

2)You will see the corresponding information under the new TAB or in the address bar.

3)Delete 160 x 160 and press Enter.

This allows you to see the full size of the image, but it is important to note that this method will not be able to see the larger image if the original image is smaller.

How to find friend information?

There is no way to see which of your friends on Facebook are friendly and which are not. But this method can help you find out which friends are not friendly.

1)You can go to who.deleted. me and log in using Facebook.

2)Allow the software to access your Facebook information and look it up.

How do I turn off reading alerts?

When you’re on Facebook, it’s inevitable that a friend or user will send you a message, and you’ll know it once you click on it. If you don’t respond in a timely manner, it will be rude and will cause you stress.

That’s when you can help out with the Facebook Unseen tool.

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