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Do you know the solution to Facebook AD fatigue? (1)

January 10 2022

When an advertisement content is shown to a fixed audience too many times, it is easy to make users feel tired. So how to keep users fresh?

Use REACH to reach the target population

Reach refers to the number of users who see the ads. Therefore, when creating Facebook ads, it is necessary to set the AD target group as Reach, so as to reduce the fatigue rate of users when seeing the ads.

When setting up REACH, the larger the number of people covered, the more people the display AD content can be distributed to, so as to minimize advertising fatigue.users feel bored

Set the frequency upper limit

The most important factor of advertising fatigue is the excessive frequency of advertising display, so it is necessary to set the upper limit of frequency. Only by limiting the number of ads viewed by the audience can audience fatigue be avoided.like

Exclude audiences that have interacted with the AD

With the increase of advertisement frequency, the audience may be faced with the situation of seeing the advertisement again and again. If this part of the crowd can be excluded, it can ensure the reduction of audience fatigue.

First, you need to customize your audience information, which can be users who have visited the site in the last 60 days. You can also create a list of people to filter out users who have recently signed up for the service or filled out a form.

Finally, the Facebook advertising manager is used to exclude the information of users who have clicked on ads, and users who have not clicked on ads can be set to view the corresponding advertising content in the later stage.attract more audiences

Changing videos

Facebook’s background color scheme is always blue and white, so when using ads, you should try to change the color scheme to avoid being ignored by the audience.

So how can we quickly update the advertising material information?

Change text or header information; Change the background color of the image. Using new graphics or video messages is fine, as long as it makes the AD stand out and attracts users.

What are the differences between the effects of different colors?

Different colors bring different psychological effects. For example, blue can make people feel calm. Green, can let a person feel vitality; Yellow, will give people a happy feeling, so in the production of advertising, the background color can also be modified.

By testing your audience with different visuals, you can not only find new audiences but also find the types of ads that work best.

Use different texts

When editing text, you can use brand titles, inspirational language, questioning sentences, etc. Special attention should be paid to the editing of text headings, finding the language that can attract the audience is the most important.

Humorous writing is relatively popular. In order to improve the corresponding advertising effect, some humorous elements can be added to the wording of the copy, which can make the advertising content more attractive.

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