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Facebook ads | How to optimize it based on audience?

January 10 2022

Facebook ads can only be optimized to achieve better results. How to optimize Facebook ads from the perspective of advertising audiences?

Precisely screen similar audiences according to their interests

If you’re running a blog with a lot of traffic or a wide potential audience, you can target a larger audience in a similar way.

After the setting of audience groups, targeted test ads can be carried out for different interests. As long as appropriate groups and interests are found to match and combine, more specific audience groups can be found. In this way, the conversion cost of Facebook advertisements will be reduced accordingly.screen similar audiences

In the process of operation, it is difficult to find the keywords of interest of your brand, which can be searched through the Facebook Graph search function or tested continuously through the most common way is brainstorming.

Segmentation of the users who visit the site

Don’t define all users you visit as the same audience, but rather target your messaging.

What are the benefits of targeted delivery?

  1. Improve the audience’s participation.
  2. Improve the conversion rate of the audience.
  3. Don’t send content that your audience doesn’t like, which builds brand value.

How to segment the audience?

You can define the website traffic information of an audience every day, through continuous testing, and then analyze the data every day, in order to expand the corresponding audience, after a long time of testing, you can get your own accurate audience.

Targeting an interactive audienceTargeting an interactive audience

Facebook interactions take many forms: people who watch videos, people who use Facebook apps, people who fill out forms, and so on.

In this way, we can explore more suitable ways to optimize Facebook ads based on customer behavior. At the same time, you can use tags to define these audiences. When you find that the audiences under certain tags are unlikely to convert users, you can delete the tags, and after a period of time, you will find surprising results.

Test Facebook ads for audience groups

To figure out which optimization works best, you need to test your ads, but what should you pay attention to when testing?

  1. Don’t run too many tests at the same time. If you run multiple ads for different audiences, you will create competition between your ads.
  2. Create a new set of ads, and don’t make adjustments to the previous set of ads. After all, the previous results will always affect the new test results.
  3. Run tests based on Facebook’s algorithm, and try to make it a full day, but the longer the test, the better.Test Facebook ads for audience groups

To get the most out of your Facebook ads, you need to constantly optimize your AD message and constantly test it. Only testing can help you identify the impact of your AD’s results.

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