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Facebook ads | What Facebook’s AD metrics are?

January 10 2022

When we choose Facebook advertising, it is inevitable that there will be user aesthetic fatigue. At this time, we need to know what are the indicators of Facebook’s advertising effect?

There are three important metrics in Facebook’s AD Manager that you can use to monitor the effectiveness of your ads. Here are some of them:like

Frequency of viewing ads

Frequency mainly refers to the number of ads that your selected audience can see. If the data is more than 3 through the background query, then it is necessary to consider whether the selected advertising material needs to be changed.

If you’re new to this, you can view the frequency of your ads from the AD Manager → click on the AD series → select the Ads view in the Reports section.data

If you see a drop in click-through rates and an increase in frequency, it means that a certain group of people is watching your AD repeatedly, but they’re not doing anything later.

This also means that you put the advertisement in the display, there have been some people to click, but later will not click again to view; There are also some people who did not click at the beginning, and they will certainly not click to view later, which proves that the advertising content has reached market saturation.

Operation behavior

What is involved in it?

Within 24 hours of viewing an AD, or 28 days after clicking on an AD, you can get a deal, click on a link, install an app, etc.

If you want to get a higher conversion rate, then actions can play a major role. You can use transformation tracing tools to track users.

Click-through rate

Click-through rate= the number of clicks on an AD ÷ the number of times an AD is displayed

Click-through rate is also an important indicator to know if your AD content is getting tired. At this time, we can make a comprehensive analysis of the two indicators of click rate and frequency, and find the right click-through rate and frequency through constant groping, which can be used to determine when the advertising material should be replaced.

No matter what type of AD content you’re running, fatigue eventually sets in. If Facebook ads are getting tired, how can they be adjusted and addressed appropriately? How to restore the effect of advertising?users feel bored

Simply put, advertising fatigue is that the audience sees too many ads. First, you can set some conditions in the Facebook AD manager to reduce the number of times your audience sees your ads.

Finally, you can rotate multiple types of ads to optimize their effectiveness and eliminate AD fatigue.

When users see the same advertising information for a long time, it is easy to get tired. Through continuous innovation and rotation, the problem of advertising fatigue is not only overcome but also may achieve better results.

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