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Guide to Facebook for Beginners | How to Register for it?

January 07 2022

As the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook has become the main battlefield of network marketing. For cross-border e-commerce, Facebook has also become a major battleground for attracting traffic from outside the site. So, what are the strategies to registration?

Preparations of registration information

  1. An account uses a set of identity information, and there are various forms of identity information, such as student ID cards, ID cards, passports, and so on.identity information
  2. Use one email for one account. There are no specific geographical requirements for one email, but keep in mind that there is a high probability that new emails will be restricted.

When registering, no matter what information you use, you must ensure that the information you fill in is consistent with your identity information.

Account Settings

  1. Profile picture setting: In the early stage of profile picture selection, you can choose real and beautiful pictures. After all, it is difficult to increase the number of fans just after the account has been established, when the fans have a certain amount of accumulation, you can change the profile picture to a product picture or brand picture.facebook
  2. Cover setting: Special attention should be paid to the selection of pictures on the personal homepage in the early stage. Find some pictures that fans are interested in and replace them with product introduction pictures after the fans are fixed.
  3. Distribution of timeline: You can use the analysis function of the system to check the appropriate group information, and then fill in the personal account information according to the interests and hobbies of target customers, so as to be close to fans as possible.

Building up a fan basebulid up a fan base

No matter how good the product is and how attractive the released content is, without the support of fans, it is impossible to spread and achieve the marketing effect. Therefore, fans are a very important indicator.

When setting a trusted contact, ensure the security of the account. If the account is disabled, you can retrieve the account directly through the trusted contact to avoid the risk of account theft.

In the account registration process, every step needs to be careful, save the operation information of each step, in case of emergency.

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