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Guide to Facebook for Beginners | How to run it?

January 07 2022

Since its establishment, Facebook has been favored by e-commerce companies. However, the operation of Facebook is still unfamiliar to novice e-commerce companies. What are the operation strategies of Facebook?facebook

How to ensure the security of your Facebook account?

  1. Use a fixed network environment.
  2. Properties and personal information should match exactly.
  3. Add no more than 200 friends passively and no more than 20 friends actively every day.
  4. Normal frequency operation.
  5. Add friends to the address book first to facilitate later verification.no more than 20 friends

The operation skills of the homepage

  1. Search the home page related to your product and highly active, browse in this home page, and display it as visitors to post.
  2. You can get more exposure by pressing likes or posting comments on this homepage.
  3. Most users like popular video content and can forward some popular video information.
  4. By using the recommendation function of the platform, Facebook will push corresponding items according to the categories of users’ likes on the homepage.
  5. According to the automatic push function of Facebook, we need to be very careful when adding the first batch of friends. We need to add friends according to the country we need to operate in the later stage because after adding friends for the first time, we will recommend the information of the country.

How to fill the homepage with friends?

  1. Import from Mailbox.
  2. Search for groups you are interested in. After joining groups, you can send some self-introduction, personal photos, product information or welcome to add as friends.use the function

Group marketing

  1. Select groups related to us for joining. Remember, do not blindly select groups, because highly active groups are the most worthy of our time and energy.
  2. Add administrators or popular members of your group as friends and like, or share their posts. There is time to have an interaction, which is helpful for the post.
  3. When you see a post with a lot of comments, comment again, so that users who have commented before will receive new comments.

There will be further updates to the Facebook guide and more tips on how to operate it.

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