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How do Facebook ads increase clicks?

January 26 2022

Both the text and the image of Facebook ads can affect how users respond when they see them. So how do you get people to click on your Facebook sidebar AD? get people to click on your Facebook sidebar AD

Facebook sidebar ads are very small, so the editing standards for images and content are higher. Only with a clear understanding of the psychology of the target audience can you make the right choices and increase clicks to achieve the transformation.

So how do you get users’ attention?

1)Video presentation

The buttons of video players attract people’s attention all the time.

If a Facebook video is not in your plans, you can use this button to create an image of the video presentation button.Video presentation

2)Using a text

Facebook sidebar ads aren’t very big and have a limit on titles and word count, so you need to be careful to use images and text that catches people’s attention.

3)Show face

In most cases, users are easily attracted by faces, so choosing photos of famous people can be effective.

4)As simple as possible

The space usage of Facebook ads is very limited, so it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of colors and graphics. It is not only necessary to make full use of space, but also to limit the use of colors and graphics. Only simple and prominent key information can attract people.

5)Provide solutionsProvide solutions

What types of advertising are popular now? Ads that solve problems, for example, are popular.

Use the space you have to let your users know about your product so that you can save money and solve the problem.

6)The call for action

Calls to action are not popular with everyone. But it works really well with the Facebook sidebar.

So don’t be too tough and try to use the voice recommended by friends to make them feel better.

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