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How do Facebook ads make product sells well?

January 24 2022

To the peak season of sales, the seller’s hope is the product orders. So how do you use Facebook ads to hit sales in a day? What are the ways Facebook ads are delivered?hit sales

Target ads to audiences with similar homepages

1)Start by selecting an AD management tool and creating a similar audience profile.

2)Based on the name of the page, create a similar group of people who like the page.

3)The Audience Insights tool of Facebook can be used to analyze the countries from which the audiences come and operate according to the countries from which the number of likes is large.

4)After the completion of the creation of the audience, you can carry out the delivery of advertising.operate according to the countries

 Post Video

1)First create a video post and then upload some prepared video content.

2)Secondly, create an advertising series, and set up the corresponding audience information.

3)The last is to create advertising, such as advertising after a period of time, you can carry out data analysis.

When you look at the data, the audience may be divided, but how do you define the audience?

One is everyone who watched your video, who saw a Facebook AD, looked at it briefly, or turned it off when it didn’t interest them.

The other group is the people who have watched your video in its entirety. These are the people who are interested in your product, so you can set this audience into a precise user group.

Use the way of secondary marketing advertising

Before advertising, we need to know what are the different stages after the user sees the advertisement?

Initial stage: Users don’t know what their needs are.

Stage 1: Users know their needs, but have no solution.

Stage 2: The user knows the solution, but doesn’t understand your solution.

Stage 3: The user understands your solution, but hesitates to use it.

Stage 4: The user knows your solution and likes it.

Stage 5: The user uses your solution directly.hesitate to use it

When we launch Facebook ads when the ads are pushed to users, they already know about your product, but they hesitate because they do not know about it. At this time, we need to consider how to make users place orders?

First of all, we need to consider whether the price is the cause. If it is, it is easy to adjust the price.

Adjust the marketing plan for those users who still haven’t placed orders. Such as contents, materials, and then re-advertising.

When the AD is created, it is tested separately according to the users of specific pages to find out the highest conversion audience group, create similar audiences and advertising groups and continue to track it.

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