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How do I get more Facebook likes?

February 03 2022

Many people are afraid that their comments will not be seen by others. How can you get comments to be seen by more people? Then you need to get more people to like it.get more people to like it

How can you get more likes?

The key thing is to get the ID information of the comment.

How to get the ID information of an image

This is relatively simple, just click on the image and then you will see a series of links.

How to get the ID of a video

Manipulating a video is not as easy as manipulating a picture, because the video cannot be tapped directly. Why can’t you click on it? Because you have to play the video directly if you click on it.

So how can I get the ID of a video? You can either click on the update time or download the corresponding video directly.

How to get the address of a comment

Click on the time of the comment to get the corresponding ID information.

As long as you can get the ID of the comment, you can use many account numbers to like it and thus get the heat.

Finally, there are a few issues that need to be addressed with using multiple accounts.few issues that need to be addressed

  • How do you handle proxies between multiple accounts?
  • How can you keep Facebook from detecting that the accounts belong to the same user?
  • Do you want to use a new account or an old one for likes?
  • If you are using a new account, do you have enough weight on your account?
  • If you’re using an old account, do you have enough accounts?

When you have solved these problems and your account is stable, you can operate with confidence when you add friends later.

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