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Why Facebook ad accounts are always blocked?

February 03 2022

Facebook is the leader of social media, so most cross-border e-commerce companies are now using Facebook for advertising. Then why are Facebook ad accounts blocked?Facebook

why are Facebook ad accounts blocked?

Although Facebook now occupies an unparalleled dominant position in both online and mobile fields and also occupies the social traffic entrance, as the competition in advertising becomes more and more fierce, the management of Facebook advertising becomes more and more strict. Blocking has also become an unavoidable thing.

When your account is deactivated, you need to think carefully about whether you have touched the bottom line of Facebook?the bottom line of Facebook

If you do, you will definitely be punished by the platform. Moreover, Facebook regularly cleans up the accounts accordingly because there are always some spammers in Facebook’s advertising system. So the big companies with regular operations are the ones Facebook likes the most.

Facebook’s active users are now viewed by at least 1.2 billion people every day, so this makes the platform more focused on the user experience.

If you post some worthless information on Facebook every day, or frequently post the same message, use the same picture, or use the same link, Facebook will definitely deactivate your account.post some worthless information

When the account deactivation problem occurs, many users think most often, why is my account blocked?

This is because Facebook is more concerned about how to keep the existing users than the number of new ones.

So the most important thing to understand at this point is how to keep growing. If you don’t even know what stage Facebook has reached, it means you may make the same mistake many times.

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