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How to check if Facebook friends unfriended you?

January 27 2022

Many Facebook marketing users want to know if their friends have unfriended them. But how do you find out if it happened?friends

Search your Facebook friends list

It’s a clunky but reliable method that requires you to type in a friend’s nickname into your Facebook friend list to see if he’s still on your list.

Check your friends’ Facebook pages

In addition to using the search method, you can also directly view your friends’ home page information. If “add as a friend” appears on his page, he has unfriended you.add as a friend

Judge according to different posting types

1)Public post

For public postings, there will be a small Earth symbol next to the date. Such posts can be seen not only by Facebook friends but also by fans or visitors who have clicked on the page.

If you can only see some of your friends’ public posts, chances are they’ve already unfriended you, but this is not as accurate as of the above two methods.

2)Only visible to friends

This type of post will have two small figures next to the date. Of course, only friends can see it.

Why would they unfriend you?Facebook friends list

1)They have a habit of deleting Facebook friends on a regular basis.

Many Facebook users now regularly clean up their friend lists and delete people they don’t know or contact often. If you’re deleted for that reason, you don’t have to be too serious. It’s just that people want to be able to manage their own lists easily.

2)You may have been deleted because your post was offensive to others.

3)If your relationship is growing apart, it may cause your partner to unfriend you.

4)Some users only know their friends’ avatars. If your avatars are changed and your friends think you are someone they do not know, it may also cause deletion by your friends.

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