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What types of images are popular with Facebook ads?

January 27 2022

When advertising on Facebook, the most important thing is click-through rate and conversion.click through rate

What should we pay attention to when selecting Facebook advertising pictures?

1)Choose a picture that is bright and easy to catch people’s eyes.

2)The pictures should be related to products.

3)Avoid too much text content, the simpler the better.

What are the most popular Facebook AD images?


Facebook is designed in blue and white, and if you want to reach as many people as possible, you need to make your images more recognizable.

So when choosing the color of the image:

Make your images contrast with your product. If your logo, product, or other logo information is blue, it is recommended that you change the color to a brighter color. The combination of bright colors and an engaging headline can increase click-through rates on Facebook.

2)A happy emotion

Happy people not only catch a user’s eye, but they can also take the day off from someone else’s dark mood.

How do you combine happy people with product messages?

It can be displayed with the smiling face of the customer receiving the product or being satisfied with the product, or with a smiling model besides the product.

3)Use popular image types for advertising

You can use cute animals or cute children, or you can make a good connection between the image and the caption.

4)Interesting proposition

Try holding an event or putting some sort of sale or discount in the picture to get people’s attention, or setting up a prize.Interesting

5)The Logo for Facebook ads

When creating a Facebook AD series, you need to create the AD group information associated with the logo. So you can use a lot of color in the choice of logo. Because only if the logo can attract users’ attention, can we determine which ads are good and which are not.

6)Use funny or informative photos as advertising material

Generally funny material content can attract people the first time. You can also combine branding with the material.

In fact, when testing the material, you can also make the material yourself, so that it may be easier to understand the audience’s preferences.

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