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How to create a Facebook enterprise page?

January 20 2022

Enterprise page is the face of a business, so how do you set it up? What are the ancillary functions of the business platform?Facebook

Public home page

When you enter your personal account, you can create your own enterprise page.

Once you’ve created your public home page, be sure to look at the status of the page, whether it’s published or unpublished. If it’s unpublished, people can’t see it, so it doesn’t matter how many things you post.

Why is there an unreleased situation?

If the administrator account is disabled or the enterprise page is authenticated, the enterprise page will be temporarily closed.

How do I add an administrator?

Select the user identity for the home page so you can add an administrator for the enterprise page. It is important to note that different administrator roles have different permissions, as long as you add it means that the other party has the permission to operate the enterprise page.

How many levels of advertising are there?

Three levels, namely, advertising series, advertising group, and advertising.folder and files

In a more convenient way, the AD series can be understood as a large folder, the AD group is the folder of the second layer, and the ads are the files inside.

In the advertising, need to consider different problems according to different levels, such as advertising series can decide the late advertising target and advertising budget; In the advertising group we can set the advertising space we want, the audience and bidding and budget; We can set up our AD material, AD copy and pixel tracking in the AD.

Business management platform

Why a business management platform?

1)Convenient for management.

2)Advertising accounts can only be operated on the business platform.

3)One person can have up to two business platforms.

What can a business platform help us accomplish?

1)If you have multiple corporate pages, add them to your business platform for easier management.

2)Add the administrator to the business platform, so that the administrator can manage themselves on the enterprise page, there is no need to set up on the enterprise page.administrator

3)You can create your own pixels or other information on the business platform.

4)You can tie your Instagram account to your business platform or Facebook corporate page at the same time, which is more convenient for advertising promotion.

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