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How to find Facebook page ID quickly?

February 17 2022

For Facebook operators, user IDs are very important for them to analyze Facebook’s operational strategies. How to find these Facebook page IDs quickly?Facebook

How to find Facebook page IDs quickly?

Use source code

  1. Use your browser to open the relevant page of Facebook.
  2. Click the right mouse button, find the option to view the source code of the page, and open it.
  3. Open it and press Ctrl+F, then enter page_id=, you can query the information of the dedicated page.
  4. To check the home page, press Ctrl+F and enter profile_id= to view the information on the home page.code

How to check your Facebook page ID?

  1. Click the About tab in the left column.
  2. Your page ID  is at the bottom.

Use the tool

You can use findmyfbid to check the information about your page ID. This tool can help you find the home page ID information, but also can help you find the ID information of the dedicated page.

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