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Facebook Video | Uploading VS Reprinting?

February 17 2022

Many users who run Facebook have asked: Which is better? Facebook posts or Facebook videos? When uploading a video, is it better to upload a downloaded video or to republish a video from another platform?Facebook and YouTube

The answer is that Facebook videos work better than Facebook posts, and posting videos directly on Facebook works better.

Facebook post vs. Facebook video

Facebook videos are more effective.

Because of the busy visual society nowadays, more and more people are more inclined to watch efficient and interesting videos. And the general trend nowadays is also that video or live streaming will be given more and more weight.

Uploading Facebook video vs. Republishing video

Uploading videos directly on Facebook is much more effective. Why? The reasons are as follows:

  1. When the user is browsing the page, as long as the mouse slides over this video will be automatically played by default. This immediately sells your video to users and captures their attention immediately. And once your video gets more attention, you can get more interaction and reach.get more attention
  2. The uploaded video will have a stronger impact than the republished video. As more and more people comment, the number of people watching will also increase.
  3. The uploaded video will also be better than the republished video in terms of the size of the playback.

Long video vs. short video

According to statistics, the average reach and view rate of long videos are better than short videos. This is probably because Facebook believes that there are few users who will watch long videos, so it gives more leverage to users who post long videos.

From the perspective of user engagement, long videos are also more effective than short videos.

So. If you want to get more reach and engagement, you can choose to make a long video of about three minutes.

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