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How to get user’s email through Facebook homepage?

January 31 2022

Many cross-border e-commerce companies are using Facebook for advertising, so how can we get the user’s email information by operating the homepage?email

Some users who use Facebook for advertising will develop an app by themselves and then install it on Facebook to use. APP here means custom tabs, not using mobile for operation.

Developing your own APP will allow you to define your own tab content.

What are the benefits?

1)You can get mailbox information by developing activities.

2)Users who want to participate in this activity usually need to add attention first, so you can also get more fans.

3)The APP developed by yourself can also show your website information.

4)You can publish advertisements through APP.

How to do it?protect account more safely

You can use plug-ins, you just need to transfer the corresponding plug-ins to your page.

If you develop your own APP, the most important thing is to get permission to like it.

Here you need to pay special attention because newbies can easily make mistakes in this place. It is best to keep your account for a while and then operate it when you have some weight so that you can protect your account more safely.

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