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How to protect your IP address

July 22 2021

The part of our daily Internet that easily exposes personal privacy is the public IP of our computer.

Track location by IP

What user privacy will be leaked by IP?

IP can be used to track our location information. Identify people through location (geographical location) and equipment (mobile phone, computer, etc.) and through time correlation analysis.
To put it simply, it is possible to use IP tracking to obtain that a person accessed the Google website through a computer at an address in New York, USA at 14:30 today.

The problem is coming?

  • How to use technology to protect our IP from being tracked?
  • How to protect your online privacy from being detected by people with ulterior motives?

Here are several relatively effective solutions to protect your IP privacy.

Why is it relatively effective? Because the technologies themselves are advancing with each other, there is no absolutely safe technology.
Technology itself is a race.

1. Use VPN to protect your IP

This is the most common way and the simplest to operate.

Use VPN to protect your IP

First, let me explain what a VPN is.

VPN full name: Virtual Private Network

VPN is defined as the establishment of a temporary and secure connection through the Internet, which is a safe and stable tunnel through a chaotic public network. Using this tunnel, data can be encrypted several times to achieve the purpose of using the Internet safely, which is widely used in corporate offices.

The virtual private network can also be an extension of the corporate intranet. Virtual private networks can help remote users, company branches, business partners, and suppliers establish reliable and secure connections with the company’s intranet, and are used to cost-effectively connect to business partners and users’ secure extranet virtual private networks.

Therefore, many office workers also need to establish a VPN connection on their own computers to facilitate remote office work and so on.

Turn on the VPN on the device we want to surf the Internet and connect to the VPN network, so that our public network IP will be turned into an exit IP of the VPN network.

The export IP of VPN may be anywhere in the world.

In this way, an American user IP can use VPN to become a Japanese export IP.
The cracker will always see the export IP of the VPN, thus protecting our IP.

2. Use proxy IP technology

Use proxy IP technology

A proxy server is also called proxy IP, its function is to proxy network users to obtain network information.

To put it vividly: it is a transfer station for network information.

The proxy server is like a big Cache, which can significantly improve browsing speed and efficiency.

More importantly: Proxy Server is an important security function provided by Internet link-level gateways.

The main functions are:

  • Breaking through its own IP access restrictionsnetwork users can access the target website through the proxy IP, The proxy IP can be in any country, thus breaking through the blockade of certain target websites for specific regions.
  • To improve the access speedusually, the proxy server sets a larger hard disk buffer.  When external information passes through, it also saves it in the buffer.  When other users access the same information again, the buffer is directly used.  Take out the information from it and pass it to the user to improve the access speed.
  • Hiding the real IPInternet users can hide their IPs through this method to protect their privacy from attacks.

But what I want to remind here is that proxy IP is actually divided into the hidden proxy, anonymous proxy, and transparent proxy. Only by using high anonymity proxy IP can the real IP address be completely hidden.

  • Using a transparent proxy IP, the other party can see the proxy IP you use and your real IP.
  • Using an anonymous proxy IP, the other party knows that you have used the proxy IP and cannot directly see your real IP address, but you can still see it through some means.
  • Using high hidden proxy IP, you can completely hide the real IP address.

3. Combine the springboard network

The first two daily-used technical solutions can simply protect the IP privacy of the target website. But if the other party is a hacker with ulterior motives and has certain public rights. We need to use a more professional springboard network.

The springboard network generally implements the complexity of the entire link tracking through a huge multi-node agent network. Springboard network has features such as update and maintenance cycle change, zero logs, etc., which can further protect users.

For example, TOR (software that provides springboard network services) server does not record logs, but third-party servers cannot control it.

However, the mechanism of TOR is to update the link every ten minutes, so the real IP cannot be traced under the current human computing power.

The record of ISP depends on the laws of each country.

For example, in Romania, Ceausescu used the Typewriter Act in history, which caused serious harm to the country.

Therefore, the citizens attach great importance to privacy protection. The log records of domestic ISPs are not mandatory, but customer information is required to be protected. Therefore, most service providers do not record them. VPN service providers that claim to protect privacy will recommend users to use Romanian servers because there is no need to log logs there. But in fact, no country will track an IP across the border. This has political issues.

Regarding the springboard network, it has gone beyond the scope of our IP privacy protection. Our daily scenarios are for fair services (different services of certain target websites to regions) and fast and effective network access. Oppose some illegal privacy tracking and protect your online identity instead of sabotaging and attacking.

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