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IP address | How do I Hide My IP Address?

November 12 2021

Why do you need to hide the IP address?

 What is the IP address?

When we use the Internet, the Internet provider automatically assigned a string of numbers, it identifies the device on the network, through the number can know your Internet location, this is the IP address.

An IP address is a string of numbers and decimal points used to identify each device connected to the Internet. Everyone’s IP address is unique.

Each time you visit a website, you provide the website with your real IP address. In addition, THE IP address can easily and accurately infer the user’s location. Even if you just browse and do nothing, you will give away your location.

To profit from your online behavior, websites and third-party advertisers can use this big data to push specific content to you, guess what you like, and then push you more content and steer you toward purchases.IP address

What are IP addresses used for?

Now information resources develop very rapidly, all kinds of scientific and technological products, technology is also improving day by day. All kinds of environments around us are constantly changing, but behind these changes, there are also a lot of hidden dangers, many times because the information is too developed and flooded, it is easy to appear information leakage. In the process of using Internet products, personal information will be exposed along with the IP address. They may even be acquired or used by others without their own awareness.

Do you know what your IP address is used for? IP address leaks are harmless in theory, but they can be accessed in a variety of ways to gain more information about you and attack you.

  • Get your location

The IP address can tell you where you belong on the network, and the tracker can use that information to further narrow down your location.

  • Limit your activities

Knowing your IP address allows you to restrict access to and use of their platforms based on their IP address.

  • Phishing attacks

Can collect your forum messages according to THE IP, so as to obtain your contact information, can theoretically send you some phishing emails.

  • Track your activity

When you use some public networks, you can monitor your online activity, using an IP address to do so.

  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks

If an attacker knows your IP, they can launch a DDoS attack on your device. They do this by generating massive data requests that look like they’re coming from your IP address in order to flood your device and disable it. This is called IP spoofing.

There are risks associated with IP address disclosure. Proxy IP addresses can be used to hide local real IP addresses to protect personal privacy and improve network security. This is also the IP address-changing tool that many people choose. Proxy IP has many ways, many people are using IP proxy, the line is many, fast, can not only protect the privacy and can break through the IP limit of the platform.


How do I hide my IP address?

How do I hide my IP address? Do you know a good way to hide an IP address?

People pay special attention to their privacy, especially when we are on the Internet, do not want to be found out their address by others, at this time we just need to install a software to switch IP on the computer, you can change your address to another address, and the other party will not be found.


VPN stands for virtual private network and is a software service. In simple terms, all data is encrypted through a VPN server and then connected to the Internet in the country with the virtual IP address associated with the country you want to assign. Hide your real location.

Use Proxy

Proxy IP, the most recommended way to hide IP.proxy

1) What is a proxy IP address

Proxy IP is a popular way to establish more secure and private Internet connections and bypass any geographical restrictions. How does proxy IP work? Simply put, it stands between you and the target, allowing intermediate servers to route traffic to the destination, in the process camouflaged your real IP and becoming your new identity from the proxy IP provider’s server.

Obviously, proxy IP is preferred because of its privacy, security, and stability compared to the following tools due to data encryption and a mature server base. That is, of course, if you use a good proxy IP application.

Proxy IP is a trusted proxy IP available on major platforms including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. With more than 3000 servers in place, this proxy IP allows you to switch IP anywhere outside of your urban area at will. Coupled with a lot of protocol support, ECC encryption, and logging policies, proxy IP can be your ultimate solution for protecting your digital privacy.

Demand determines the market, the greater the demand of the market will also be big, the agent IP is no exception, overnight like a spring sprout countless agent providers, the quality of the agent IP is uneven. The IP in the bag is a high-quality dynamic IP, which is worth recommending. Before choosing the proxy IP, I suggest more tests for comparison, which is also called shopping around.

2) How does proxy IP protect your privacy

  • Use the proxy IP protocol

Proxy IP address and proxy IP protocol. Different protocols provide different levels of encryption and connection speeds. Most proxy IP addresses use multiple protocols. In general, protocol security is inversely proportional to connection speed. The higher the encryption level, the longer the delay.

  • Preventing DNS Leakage

What is DNS? DNS stands for Domain name System. In short, DNS is like a phone book. With DNS, people can track the IP address of your Internet Service provider (ISP). If DNS is breached, your online privacy risks being exposed to the public. Proxy IP with an encrypted DNS system can help you prevent DNS leaks.

  • Protecting IP Addresses

An IP address is the world of the Internet, your ID number. The importance of encrypting your IP address is obvious. Typically, proxy IP service providers deploy many servers around the world. When you connect to a network through a proxy IP, ISPs and other third-party programs cannot track your real power IP address, but the IP address of the server to which you connect.

That is, proxy helps you hide local private IP addresses. Then you can surf the Internet anonymously.

  • Encrypted log

The truth is, no one has a 100% zero-logging policy for proxy IP. Even the most reliable proxy IP records a small amount of logging, including user information and connection logs. Activity logs are not included. However, free proxy IP usually logs activity, so be careful when using free proxy IP. User information containing user names, email addresses, and payment information is logged for proxy IP account creation and billing. Connection logs record incoming and outgoing connections from proxy IP addresses, as well as when connections start and end. Typically, the proxy IP collects this data to maintain its technical support.


The best solution to hide IP addresses– ClonBrowserClonBrowser

Want to maximize your privacy and IP address security?

As mentioned earlier, trial proxies are a good solution for protecting IP addresses. If you want to use proxies to hide your real IP address, ClonBrowser is your best friend!

This is because ClonBrowser has an amazingly powerful agent integration. Luminati Proxy, Oxylabs Proxy, HTTP Proxy, and more provide you with the best Proxy experience.

Is that enough? ClonBrowser is better than you think!

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