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VPN | How to Hide IP Addresses?

November 12 2021

How does a VPN hide your IP address?

Is hiding IP address illegal?

Not at all. Hiding IP address information is not illegal. On the contrary, it deserves to be advocated. Because this can be a very important part of protecting your privacy!IP address

With the development of the Internet in the world, the security of privacy has become a topic for enterprises and individuals to worry about. And IP addresses are likely to be a breakthrough in exposing privacy on the Internet.

From the point of view of enterprises, the development of economic globalization has made many enterprises’ businesses all over the world. Such a situation urges enterprises to no longer stick to one office, and to set up offices, branches, factories and other branches in other places has become the new normal of enterprise expansion.

At this time, the enterprise network technology developed based on LAN and WAN technology has become very important, it has become an important infrastructure to connect enterprises, institutions, and all departments and exchange information with the outside world.

But with the large-scale use of enterprise networks, enterprise network security is particularly important. Protecting and hiding enterprise network IP addresses is a good choice. Because IP address leakage may cause trouble and economic loss for the company not to graduate.

Not only enterprises but also individual users need to hide IP addresses when they use the network. It is believed that no one would like to know the location of their devices and networks by strangers, which can bring great insecurity to people.

Let’s summarize why IP addresses should be hidden, generally speaking, there are three aspects:

  • Protect devices and networks from attack.
  • Hide your location to keep you safe. (IP addresses provide details about you, such as your location)
  • Reduce shielding. (IP addresses contain a lot of data, and hiding them can reduce the chances of being blocked by websites.)

If you need to hide your IP, maybe using a VPN is a good option.

How does VPN hide IP addresses?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. As the name implies, a virtual private network can be understood as a virtual private line. The core of VPN is to use public networks to establish a virtual private network.

It can use special encrypted communication protocols to establish a private communication line between two or more networks in different places on the Internet, just like setting up a dedicated line, but it does not require the actual laying of physical lines such as optical cables.

This is like applying for a dedicated line, but without the cost of laying the line, and without the purchase of routers and other hardware equipment.

The use of a VPN requires the installation of software, and the user information will be encrypted by the software first so that the data between the user and the intermediary server is not accessible. The subsequent transmission data have the same logic as the proxy, but can be used in any application except web pages.

VPN encrypts user information just like a tunnel. Yes, the tunnel. That’s the metaphor that a lot of people use to describe it, it’s very graphic. A tunnel is a tube. People outside the tunnel can’t see what happens in the tunnel. The scene in the tunnel is blocked by the wall. Once the data is encrypted through a VPN, it’s like being transported through a tunnel, so the outside world can’t access any of your information. Include your IP address. This keeps your IP address hidden.


Characteristics of VPN which hides your IP addressVPN

1) Safety

VPNs can hide what you do on the Internet. A VPN establishes a tunnel from a user’s terminal, and no third party, including an ISP, can “see” what you’re transmitting. Concealment means security. Many criminals will intercept data packets sent by users to steal their privacy. However, if they use VPN, users do not need to worry.

2) Saving enterprise cost

Enterprises can save money by using VPNs to hide IP addresses. This is the most important advantage of VPN network technology, which is also the key to its victory over the traditional private line network.

According to studies, enterprises with VPNs can save 30 to 70 percent of their costs compared to enterprises that use traditional leased lines for remote access to servers or Modem pools and dialup lines. The cost savings are mainly reflected in the following points:

  • Save money on mobile communications

In this way, mobile users on business trips only need to access the local ISP to connect with the internal network of the company, which greatly reduces long-distance communication costs. Businesses can see an immediate benefit from their mobile users’ phone bills.

  • Save special line cost

The cost of using a VPN is 40 to 60 percent lower than renting a dedicated line, and there is no significant difference in performance, manageability, and controllability. By adding voice or multimedia traffic to virtual lines, enterprises can further save costs.

  • Save equipment investment

VPN allows a single WAN interface to be used for a variety of purposes, from branch office interconnection to partner access via Extranet. Therefore, the input of multiple devices can be centralized in a customized routing device through a VPN.

3) Personal burden is expensive

This is a very strange point. VPN both saves money and costs money.

The use of VPNs to hide IP addresses is a cost-effective and highly profitable investment for large and well-funded companies and enterprises, but it is still expensive for personal use.


How to hide IP addresses without VPN?

VPN can guarantee the security of your account, but the price is always a sore point for every user. However, after all, IP security concerns every user in the Internet, IP security can not be ignored.

There are other ways to hide your real IP address than using a VPN.

1)Use Proxy

If you just want to hide your IP address and have no other requirements, using a proxy is a good choice.

A proxy server, in fact, is an “intermediary” between the server and the user that the user wants to browse. The proxy server itself links to the requested site, downloads the content of the site, and finally delivers the downloaded content to the user’s page.

A proxy server generally exists in the form of a website. Users only need to use the web page of the proxy server to link to the desired web page, and then they can use it as usual.

Using a proxy, users do not need to directly access the target web page, the target web page can only obtain the IP address of the proxy server. So users can hide private IP addresses.

Most proxy service vendors typically require users to select a proxy server in one country and let the user access the web page through the proxy server in that country, so that the target web page will think that the user is visiting locally. For example, if the site you want to visit is blocked from your country, you can use a proxy server to replace it with another country’s IP address. As long as the proxy server is not blocked, you can use the proxy server to access the site.

But as I said at the beginning, because it doesn’t set up a tunnel like a VPN, even if you hide your IP address, the traffic can still be seen and deciphered.

2) Use ClonBrowserClonBrowser

Want to hide your IP address securely? Let ClonBrowser take care of that for you!

ClonBrowser has a very powerful proxy integration, supporting multiple proxy protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, Socks5, Shadowsocks, etc.), software inheritance support luminati, 911, and other proxies. With these proxies, you can safely hide your IP address. When using this feature, your proxy information is bound and you do not need to enter it again.

In addition to hiding IP addresses, ClonBrowser can also hide other information about yourself for you, such as your browser fingerprint.

As you browse, you leave a trail. If you have ClonBrowser, when the web wants to grab your browser fingerprint, ClonBrowser provides it with a “mask fingerprint” that protects your real fingerprint.

Think ClonBrowser is just a browser that keeps you safe? No, it’s not just your security guard! It can also simulate hundreds of computers for you so that you can realize the desire to have multiple accounts!

Curious about it? Try it now!

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