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Social Media Marketing | How to choose the right platform?

February 08 2022

Some businesses are very confused when choosing their operating platforms for marketing. so how exactly do you choose a social media platform?social media platform

Which is more suitable for newcomers, ins or Facebook?

If you don’t have any experience with reseller shops or marketing, you can try to start with ins. Most e-commerce businesses now have a certain advertising position on Facebook, and you would be putting more pressure on yourself by rushing in.

Instead, you can start with ins and get some experience in marketing by contacting celebrities and working with them. Of course, it’s also essential to know a bit about ins before you start marketing.Instagram

How to use ins for a quick test of a reseller product?

Using ins for advertising is actually making use of the internet celebrities on ins. It is important to note here that advertising on ins does not mean using your own advertising options for post promotion.

How can ins celebrities quickly test their products?

First, you need to determine which niche your product belongs to.

Only when this is clear can you find a more accurate consumer audience through the niche page.

When you are just starting out, you can find a few suitable accounts to test. If you have a certain budget you can also find an ins celebrity to test accordingly, after all, the posts of celebrities will have a certain level of engagement.

Does the test product need continuous testing?

You need to check whether this post by the celebrity has comments and whether the message of the comments is positive.what actions people are taking about

Secondly, you need to see what the number of visits to the post is and what actions people are taking on the product page? Did anyone place an order or add an order? These are all things that you can collect on-page feedback on.

Once you have all this information already analyzed, it is time to run a second test. Of course, you can also optimize the headlines and images accordingly during the second round of testing.

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