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How to test products on Facebook?

February 09 2022

If I use Facebook for product testing, which form of Facebook ads do I need to use? How can I use Facebook ads for quick product testing?

Use PPE ads for product testing

Why use PPE ads?

The main reason for using PPE ads is to save money.PPE ads

Facebook will show your ads to the audience groups that are best suited to you, and as long as those audience groups are interested in your ads, then more money will be saved.

You can target your audience accordingly when appropriate, and once you have converted your target, Facebook will continue to optimize the data and give you new audiences.

How to use PPE for product testing?

If you need to conduct product testing, then you need to create ad groups based on your ad budget. A special word of caution here is not to create ad groups blindly, you need to create them based on the product being tested.

How can I tell if a product needs to be tested further?

  1. You need to check what the cost per click of your ad is.
  2. Check to see if your product has been added to the shopping cart or if it has been purchased? This information will tell you whether your ad group is of real interest to your audience.
  3. Look at the number of likes, comments, or visits to your shop. If the comments are all positive, it’s time to move on to testing the product.if your product has been added to the shopping cart

Is it possible to keep a record of the PPE ad group in question?

Of course you can, as long as you think this ad data is useful.

Once you have pressed the publish button and gone to the posts section of the page, you will need to find the information for the post you created in the published ad group. Once you have seen the ID information for this post and copied it, you will only need to enter this ID information when creating a new post. This way you can keep all the data related to likes, comments, etc. for the corresponding ad group.

If you need to do a target conversion, you can also save the corresponding data. As long as you are using the same ID, you are good to go.

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