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What do you need to know about Facebook ads?

January 13 2022

Do you need to know what Facebook’s rules are before you start advertising on Facebook? How to solve the problem? Let’s make a concrete analysis today.

What are the advertising skills?setting audience groups

E-commerce advertising Settings are basically similar with minor differences. Only by constantly setting audience groups and updating materials can certain effects be achieved.

When it comes to advertising tips, try out some Facebook ads or new forms of advertising. Users will be pleasantly surprised when they use different products.

Will bad comments on ads affect posts?

Yes, if there are too many negative reviews, the AD’s ratings will be affected, and Facebook will reduce the number of times the AD is shown, while increasing the number of thousandth views, proving that the AD group can be dropped.

Why is the number of AD displays different for the same cost?

Because it’s determined by a machine, a high AD score will increase the number of impressions, and a thousand impressions will decrease. Conversely, it’s the same thing.negative reviews

What is Facebook Background Optimization Rule?

Advertisements will be transformed and optimized according to the set advertising information. Of course, Facebook also makes an adjustment to the AD based on the bid.

Why are the values of thousands of impressions of two identical advertising materials different?

When we set good advertising, in the positioning of the pool to let more audience to see, in order to improve the transformation, the transformation of the audience is higher, the CPM can appear the corresponding lower, can produce if the pool in the transformation of audience ratio is lower, the transformation effect is not ideal, this is caused by one thousand time display will be relatively high.

It should be noted that the quality of advertising data cannot be assessed only through a short period of data, but needs to be analyzed after a period of time. After all, no advertisement can achieve the desired effect at the beginning of the launch, and the crowd that the advertisement reaches in the test is also different, which is also the reason for the deviation in the later optimization so that the data will be different.after a period of time

What is the relationship between advertising and CPM?

The quality of the AD will affect the CPM, but CPM cannot determine the cost of the AD.

Can I change the post after it is sent?

Whether a post can be changed depends on the situation.

1)You can modify a post as long as you have editing permission after it is issued.

2)If the post is used for advertising after that can not be modified.

What factors affect the CPM when setting an AD?

All factors are likely to cause changes in CPM.

Why does Facebook’s machine learning phase get worse after it’s done as expected?

The Facebook system shows that the learning stage has been completed, which is only a signal given to the advertiser and does not change any results of the advertisement, so it does not represent whether the advertisement is perfect or not. Finally, it needs to display data and conduct corresponding analysis.

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