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What are the problems with Facebook AD operations?

January 13 2022

There are all sorts of issues when you choose to use Facebook for advertising. Then let’s analyze what’s going to happen.

Why did the AD data crash after a few days? Is it better to give up, or to save it?the AD data crash after a few days

If you have this problem, you can look at your data first and then see how to deal with it later. There are two solutions:

1) If the cost is affordable, you can look at the day’s data and analyze the specific reasons.

2)The advertising group stopped and then re-open an advertising group, the text, material, audience, and other factors to do the corresponding adjustment and then put, to see if you can run out of the previous effect

After the advertising on Facebook, it is necessary to see the effect of the advertising, only through the display of data can determine the later advertising scheme.

The advertisement can be played normally in the first two days, but it has not been optimized. Why did it die?

1)Subjective factor: No matter how many users are covered by Facebook, there is one thing that cannot be controlled, that is, the mood of users. Therefore, the reaction of users when they see advertisements will be different every day, which will directly affect the transformation of data.the mood of users

2)Objective factors: The people who are active on Facebook every day are out of control, so there will be deviations in the crowd information when advertising.

That’s why Facebook came up with a term for machine learning. This directly leads to the instability of Facebook advertising in the early stage, and advertising optimization in the later stage should not only judge the advertising effect based on the data of one day but need to make a comprehensive judgment based on the recent or three days’ data.

Why doesn’t it deduct fees when I post ads?

The deduction of advertising fee depends on the activity degree of the crowd during this period, which may be related to the festival activities in the region where the audience is located and the difference in time zone. If you want to spend the same amount, it’s recommended that you set your AD account to the time zone of the country you want.

How much per day is appropriate for your budget?

It depends on how the data changes, and if the data looks exactly the way you want it to, there’s no problem.budget

How much of a budget increase would be a major change?

Generally according to 2-3 times of growth is not too big a problem.

What are some tips for improving conversion rates?

1)From the perspective of advertising: Whether the audience is accurate. The more precise the setup, the higher the conversion.

2)From the perspective of the product: Whether the product is attractive enough.

3)From the perspective of the customer: Whether the product is smooth enough.

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