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Why do the videos get 0 views on TikTok?

March 01 2022

On October 27, 2021, TikTok made an announcement that it had reached 1 billion monthly active users, successfully ranking as one of the top 1 apps in the world in terms of user activity and one of the most used and fastest-growing social media platforms.

But why is it that when you post a video, there are 0 views? Possible reasons are as follows.

  • First, the data has not been updated.
  • Secondly, there is a problem with the network environment. If you are using TikTok in another region but have not set up a good network environment, this will be recognized by the TikTok platform.
  • Third, the TikTok platform thinks you are not operating with a real person.
  • Fourth, there is a problem with the video content you post.

So how to solve these problems?TikTok

The solutions to 0 views on TikTok

How to solve the problem of data not yet updated?

After the video is just posted, it doesn’t show the data in time. On the homepage, although it shows 0 views, you open this video and click on the data analysis at the bottom right corner, there is the real-time updated data.

Sometimes, videos posted by new accounts may not be recommended by the platform until several hours or even until the next day. So that one or two or even a few videos are 0 views doesn’t mean anything, you can try to keep posting videos.

How to adjust the network environment problem?

Do a self-check before posting videos on TikTok. Pay attention to your IP address and positioning for any errors or changes. This is important for users who are abroad but still using TikTok.

Network stability is important, make sure there are no network fluctuations before you log in.Pay attention to your IP address and positioning

How to make the platform trust that you are not a bot?

Your actions in TikTok must be in line with common sense. A normal user using TikTok to browse videos will not add dozens of friends at once, or comment several messages on other people’s videos in a minute.

So, you have to like, comment and retweet normally. Especially for new accounts. After the account posts the first video, you can forward the share to other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram. then, go to other accounts and post some quality comments.

How to solve the problem of content?

  1. Duplicate content: If you are carrying the video, it is possible that the video you posted other people have already posted. The platform will not recommend duplicate content, so if you must carry it, please try to choose the latest released video, and then edit and modify it.
  2. Low-quality content: TikTok videos 0 views is mostly because your content is not good and is swiped away in a second. Although TikTok is not saturated enough with video content, it needs quality content more than anything else. If the quality is low, users won’t stay for you for a second, which leads to no record. Without data, the number of views will naturally be 0. Create quality short videos through great editing techniques, novel topics, etc.!comment and retweet normally

How can I tell if the TikTok videos were blocked or not?

When you send a TikTok video that has 0 views, you may suspect that your video is blocked by the platform, so that other people don’t have a chance to see the video at all. So how can you tell if your video has been shown to everyone?

  1. Search for your own account. Click on Discover and enter your own account
  2. Open it with your computer browser: https://www.tiktok.com/@your account. Check to see if you can see the video you posted.

If it does not show, it means that your network environment has problems or the content is infringing. If you can see, it means that the probability is that the problem is caused by bad content.

Browse and save more videos with hot views, study their content and perform similar tests, then choose the hotter background music of the moment to break through 0 views.choose the hotter background music

How to judge the potential of the TikTok account?

Have you ever thought that your TikTok videos are 0 views, and possibly because there is a problem with the account itself? If the account has problems, no matter how you post it, you may have little success.

If you have been publishing works for about a week, you should quickly determine the level of this account, eliminating the zombie account, low weight account. For accounts that meet the recommended features, we should improve the quality of the videos released, guide users to comment, and improve the number of likes, comments, retweets, and other interactions.

So how should we distinguish them?

  • Zombie account

For this kind of account, you can choose to discard it or change the content and try again a few times.choose to discard it

  • Low weight account

You have been posting videos for a week, and the play count is between 200-1000. This way you can continue to post videos, observe for 2-3 weeks, if you fail to break through the previous viewership, you should change to higher quality content.

  • To be recommended account

This kind of account generally has a play volume between 1000-3000. All you have to do at this point is to seize the opportunity to improve the quality of the video or improve the rate of likes and comments retweets.

If one work stands out and becomes a hit, then it is likely to become a premium account.

  • High-quality account

Accounts with more than ten thousand plays consistently. Now all you have to do is to post more high-quality works, rub popular tags, rub popular BGM, and do everything possible to get attention.

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