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How to post a good TikTok video for newbies?

March 02 2022

With the new crown epidemic, the short video app TikTok has surged to become the most visited Internet domain in the world in 2021. TikTok is a social platform that is still thriving and has endless possibilities. So if you just have a TikTok account, how do you post a higher quality video?

In my opinion, you should start with two aspects. One is the quality of the video itself, and the other is the way you set up the video. This can be broken down into the following four issues.

  • The subject of the video
  • Making the video
  • Titles and tags
  • ThumbnailsTikTok

How to publish high-quality videos?

Choose a great video subject

Just like cooking, delicious cooking needs fresh ingredients. The same goes for making videos. If you are struggling with whether originality works well or porting works well, then you can be sure that TikTok encourages originality.

If you have a rich imagination and high enthusiasm, then you can put your own ideas into making videos. Something new and fresh will always get everyone’s attention. But if this is a bit difficult and time-consuming for you, and you are worried that your ideas might not be well received by everyone, then you can also choose to imitate popular video genres.

Please note that imitating their format does not mean that you should copy and plagiarize them, you should put your own unique elements in the video.make videos

Create and publish quality videos

  • Size of the video

The ratio of the video you make is 9:16, which is the most TikTok-friendly size. If you go beyond this ratio, then the limited display area will not show what you want to express, which very much affects the viewership.

If you have a large video, you can use a tool to compress it, such as Arctime. it can reduce the video by 70-80%, but the picture is still very clear. But the disadvantage is that it can only compress one video at a time and it is slow.

  • Length of the video

The maximum length of TikTok videos has been gradually increased from 15 seconds and 60 seconds to 3 minutes. And 2022 will be extended to 10 minutes. But is the longer the video, the better?

No. You should know that TikTok is a short video platform, and a big part of the reason people use TikTok is that it allows many people to use fragmented time to get pleasure.

So, if your account is new, then it is recommended that you keep the video length within 15 seconds, the completion rate is very important. If your account is already through the risk period, then the video length is not as demanding. But even then, I recommend that you don’t exceed one minute. Because more than a minute, the audience may not have patience.use fragmented time to get pleasure

  • Choose the right music

Background music is the highlight of the video, if the popular background music and your video content are highly matched, then the probability of this video being exploded is high.

But this does not mean choosing only good music but matching the rhythm of the content. If your video rhythm is very fast, try to choose powerful music; if it is more lyrical, you can choose soothing music. Generally speaking, there are more application scenarios for rhythmic music because the age of users on the TikTok platform is younger.

You can choose from TikTok’s recommended tracks or go to the music library to search for resources.

This doesn’t mean you can’t import your own music, but if your own video later becomes very popular, it’s likely that many people will engage with it and will increase the exposure of that video. So be sure not to use music that is not licensed. If you can’t tell which music is not licensed, just choose from the music library.

For the recommended music, the platform may have recommendation rules. Many times the music recommended to you matches extremely well with the content of your video. If that’s the case, you can just adopt that music.

It is recommended that when you are browsing through the videos if you come across a more popular soundtrack that is helpful to your creation, bookmark it so that you can use that music in the future.BGM

How to post videos smartly?

Be flexible with titles and tags

Copy descriptions should refine highlights and arguments to increase interactivity as a way to trigger likes, comments, and shares from users. You can also post a message in the comments section yourself to guide users to leave comments after the video is posted.

Use pan tags and precise word tags together. Set up 3-5 Hashtags. if users are actively searching for your video based on the Hashtag, it will increase exposure.

Use attractive covers/thumbnails

The cover of your video is important. After a certain viewer becomes interested in your work or follows you, they are likely to go to your homepage. At this point, if you have a high play count for this video and an attractive cover, it will add a lot of clicks.

So, pick a picture that will attract viewers at a glance. Take a look at this picture yourself first. If you don’t even find it interesting after looking at it yourself, how can it possibly attract fans?

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