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Tutorial | TikTok Account Matrix: A Common Strategy for Targeting Overseas Markets

April 12 2024

TikTok’s account matrix has become a prevalent strategy for reaching international markets. But what advantages does it offer? Can operating multiple accounts lead to getting banned? How can you build an account matrix cost-effectively? This article reveals all!

What Are the Advantages of a TikTok Account Matrix?

Simply put, a TikTok account matrix involves operating multiple TikTok accounts together, which offers two main advantages:

1. Lower Risk During the Initial Phase

Due to the many factors affecting account traffic, most companies and users prefer to start with a matrix. If an account doesn’t show progress within a certain period, it is quickly discarded without additional investment.

2. Faster Growth During the Operational Phase

By segmenting accounts into specific content niches, it’s easier to achieve rapid fan growth. Data monitoring helps guide business development directions. The connectivity between different accounts under the same brand also promotes synergistic fan growth, increasing follower counts and making monetization faster and easier. Especially, when one account gains popularity, it can help newer accounts grow their following more quickly.

Methods for Setting Up a TikTok Account Matrix

There are several common methods for setting up an account matrix in the market today:

1. The Most Basic Method: Using Multiple Smartphones

This approach mimics real user operations but can be cost-prohibitive as managing a large number of smartphones requires significant time and effort. This is more suitable for fine-tuning operations in later stages.

Not willing to buy many smartphones? Then you might consider simulating multiple environments online, which can be achieved through cloud phones and fingerprint browsers.

2. Cloud Phone Systems

These allow you to simulate multiple smartphone environments on a single computer, which is convenient for managing multiple accounts but limited to mobile functions, making it less handy for team operations. Registering for cloud phone services can also be cumbersome.

3. Fingerprint Browsers

Thus, using fingerprint browsers offers the best cost-effectiveness for operating multiple accounts. Let’s see how ClonBrowser addresses the challenges of multi-account operation.

Advantages of Building an Account Matrix with ClonBrowser

Firstly, there are low hardware and labor costs. You can register via email and download the ClonBrowser client for use without needing to purchase numerous phones. The unique fingerprint browser environment and clean, stable proxy IPs help prevent tracking and association.

Platform accounts can be easily linked for convenient logins. Each browser environment can be quickly tied to accounts via a spreadsheet format, making it easy to manage even large numbers of accounts with features like notes and tags.

If you need to register multiple TikTok accounts via email, you can use Group Controls and window synchronization features for bulk operations. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) scripts can automate account nurturing and content creation, including video posting.

Secondly, ClonBrowser’s comprehensive team functionality ensures the security of account assets. The packages include sub-accounts (e.g., a co-creation version available for five users), allowing you to invite registered ClonBrowser team members to manage and distribute browser and certain permissions across different computers. Removed members will no longer have access to the account assets.

For mature accounts ready to start live streaming, the combination of a fingerprint browser and a real smartphone can ensure safe logins both on the client and mobile through local proxy features.

ClonBrowser offers three well-adjusted fingerprint modes for beginners and customizable settings for advanced users, making it highly adaptable.

This is the secret to building a TikTok account matrix—manage multiple account assets with ClonBrowser’s fingerprint browser!

Interested or have specific needs? Feel free to contact our customer service.

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