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Customise Table in RPA Schedule

April 07 2024

ClonBrowser RPA recently introduced experimental functionality for table-driven schedule execution!

In the old version of the script, each browser opens a specified URL such as Twitter, TikTok home page and then performs operations such as random browsing, browsing by keyword, etc. This facilitates repeated operations in bulk.

However, the variables for opening URLs in the script are fixed, and some users have the need for multiple browsers (profiles) to start using different URLs. In order to satisfy users’ diverse operational needs, we now introduce the RPA table-driven plan method, so that the variables of the URLs can be set by yourselves.

First of all, export the profile you want to run in ClonBrowser’s [Browser] page.

The first two columns are fixed to the serial number, the profile name, and the rest of the headers can be changed according to the variables that use the script. The headers are not read when the plan is executed, and are only used for the user to discern what each column represents.

For example, the Test Script of the demonstration performs the operation of opening the URL, you need to fill in the target URL. The third column of the form corresponds to “Open Url”, and the fourth column corresponds to “whether to save screenshot of the task”, fill in yes or no.

Fill in the variables, in the demonstration, one of the profiles needs to open the twitter page, and one needs to open the google page. Save the form file.

On the [Schedule] page, click Create Plan and select Script.

If you choose the normal Profile mode, you select the browser, and the selected browsers all open the twitter URL saved in the script. That is, the old script plan mode.

If you choose Table mode, import the local table file you just saved, the plan will be executed according to the information in the table, i.e. different browsers will open the corresponding filled URL.

As shown on the page, one browser opens the google page based on the profile information in the table, while the other opens the twitter page.
The table-driven plan execution can meet the diversified needs of your plan execution! This feature is currently in the experimental stage, if you are interested, please contact us to open it for free.
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