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Do you know the Facebook tagging craze?

February 22 2022

On Facebook, when you tag someone, all of their information goes to their timeline, and the tagged person’s friends see the message. So how did the Facebook tagging craze develop?Facebook

The evolution of Facebook friending

Before we get to Facebook tagging mania, it’s important to understand the evolution of Facebook friending.

  1. Add it manually.
  2. by scanning other people’s numbers, to get all the information of friends.
  3. Add friends via API.
  4. Add friends over IPV6.
  5. Add your friend’s friend information.
  6. Add them in batches by scraping friends on Facebook.

The stages of Facebook tagging

  1. From mid-2011 to the end of 2012

At this stage, Facebook is not so strict in account registration management, even if a large number of friends are added, there is no need to worry about the issue of account closure. And even if you want to tag a post at this stage, the platform won’t stop you. So in this period, those who use the mark to profit are secretly happy, while those who are marked are very troubled and can’t find a way to turn off this function.very troubled

  1. From late 2012 to early 2014

At this stage, an outbreak is presently using the flag function.

Many people create a photo album on the app, automatically tag friends by uploading pictures, and then automatically hide them in their timeline.

At this stage, everyone is competing for ideas, access to networks, data resources, and software. Simply put, as long as you can execute, there are more opportunities for growth.

  1. From early 2014 to early 2015impact on the user experience

By this stage, those who have just started doing this have already missed the prime time. At this point, Facebook has begun to realize that Facebook tagging has a profound impact on the user experience, so it takes a lot of time to implement Facebook tagging, and it requires a battle of wits with Facebook.

How can you tell if the account really has a problem?

In fact, this is mainly reflected in the text, pictures, link recognition, add friend restrictions and blocks. These are some of the killer points, and in severe cases can cost money.

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