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Do you know the problems with Facebook ads?

January 17 2022

There are all sorts of problems with advertising on Facebook. Today, I’ve summed up some situations, and see if you have encountered them.There are all sorts of problems

Does Facebook prioritize posts based on popularity when two accounts use different materials for the same product and have the same geographic audience?

When advertising the same product, the higher the bid, the higher the priority. If the bid is the same, it will be given priority according to the popularity of the post. Of course, the correlation score will also affect the AD display.

In the case of an equal bid, what factors affect the priority of the advertisement?

Mainly according to the heat of the post, data, ratings to determine whose ads enjoy priority.

Does Facebook have a replay check mechanism? If there is a similar video, will the second video be judged as a repeat video? Will it affect the heat and conversion of the video?

Facebook doesn’t have a replay mechanism, and there are so many videos posted every day that it would take forever to replay them.Facebook

If you directly take the details and materials of others to advertise, can you get traffic?

If you use pop ads, the odds are definitely high.

What factors will affect the quantity of the product?

Such as account number, product website, and so on will have a certain impact, but specific or from many aspects of adjustment.

Take a simple example, there are a lot of explosive products on the market, if the essence of the product is not captured, even if it is copied, it may not be able to sell.

For the audiences of 3C products and laundry powder products, under the same advertising budget, which product will have higher CPM?

The level of CPM has little to do with the product itself.

What factors affect CPM?

Material, audience, text, and other related factors will affect the change of CPM.

Will pixels affect thousands of displays?

This is not true. Pixel is just A data recording tool. If the account has been running for product A, the audience of pixel accumulation will be the audience of product A, and it will be easier to place orders in the later stage. If the account suddenly changes to sell another product, the pixel will re-capture the crowd information of the audience and re-accumulate the audience.

The products that used to run in the lower age group are now switched to the products of the higher age group, but the data still run to the lower age group. Does this have anything to do with the fact that the account ran low before?the audience for the product

No, it’s just that the audience for the product itself is the minimum age you set for it. Because what Facebook is judging is that ads aren’t your pixels.

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