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Facebook ads | How can Facebook ads be optimized?

January 11 2022

The best thing that people who advertise on Facebook want to achieve is to maximize distribution and revenue with minimal advertising costs. This requires constant optimization of advertising materials. So, how do you optimize Facebook advertising material?Facebook

Why are Facebook ads important?

1000 shows = Bid ± quality points

Can you figure out some of the causes through this formula?

Click-through rate, conversion rate, interaction rate and so on all affect the quality score of the AD. The quality of Facebook’s AD material directly affects that information.

What are some ways to optimize Facebook’s AD material?

Before looking at how to optimize your Facebook AD feed, what kind of AD feed do you need to know?

Facebook advertising materials include a single image, multi-image rotation, video ads, and other forms.

No matter which form of advertising is used, the optimization is much the same. So what can you optimize?

  1. Pictures

In the selection of material, we need to find attractive material content and as close as possible to the product content.

In the early stage of advertising, different pictures need to be released for testing, after continuous testing, according to the data to choose the best picture for release, the late also need to continue to update, so as to avoid the visual fatigue of the audience.avoid the visual fatigue of the audience

  1. Text

In text editing, it is necessary to ensure that the text and language information that can make the audience have a sense of substitution and is provocative is the best.

  1. Creativity

In advertising design, creativity needs to be developed from multiple angles. Product-related and real content can be used as the core to highlight the key content to be expressed as much as possible.

However, because Facebook ads cover a lot of advertising space, targeted design is needed in the design of Facebook ads. When insufficient materials are found, regular updates should be made, but the frequency should not be too high.

  1. Budget

When we find material content with a low click rate, too much cost, and no transformation through background data, we should stop advertising in time and use the budget on material with good effect.Budget

The quality of Facebook advertising materials directly affects the success or failure of advertising, so when making Facebook ads, we must take into account the psychological factors of the audience and try to get close to the characteristics and interests of the audience, so as to better improve the advertising benefits.

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