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Facebook ads | What is WC advertising?

January 11 2022

When launching Facebook ads, if the seller is not sure what kind of advertising method to choose, we will separate out the WC advertising and analyze it to see if it can help you.Facebook

What is WC advertising?

WC advertising is transforming advertising, then WC advertising contains what targets?

  1. Viewing: The behavior of the audience to view the relevant information on the product page.
  2. Additional purchase of products: the additional purchase occurs after the audience sees the product page.
  3. Shopping behavior: the real shopping behavior generated by the audience.

The advantages of WC advertising

As long as your Facebook advertising operation is relatively stable, it is recommended to use the form of WC advertising. So, what are the advantages of WC advertising?

  1. Improve conversion rate

Using WC ads is a way of telling Facebook that conversion is the ultimate goal of advertising so that Facebook will try to find the right audience.Improve conversion rate

  1. Get more accurate data

WC advertisements can track user behaviors through Facebook and push advertisements to users who have actually purchased them, so as to improve conversion and provide more accurate advertising data for the follow-up.

WC advertising has a unique machine learning feature, but sellers need to make at least 50 conversions within a week to enable machine learning. This allows sellers to accumulate past data to help them find more data.

Disadvantages of WC advertising

  1. The cost is relatively high

The cost of WC advertising is relatively high because the high cost can bring high conversion.high cost can bring high conversion

Don’t stop testing WC ads for this reason. Facebook has a machine learning phase, and if you can achieve about 50 optimization goals in the specified time, it will automatically optimize when the Facebook machine learning phase is over so that more accurate data can be collected.

In the later stage, with the continuous operation of advertising, the data information will also be stable, so that the cost of the later stage will gradually reduce, and the income will continue to improve.

  1. It’s hard to optimize “buying” goals

In order to complete the transformation of the target population, it is necessary to ensure that the audience can view the product page to achieve better results. In order to optimize the final “purchase” purpose, it is more difficult. At this time, it is necessary to accumulate more data information with a high enough budget.

  1. WC advertising needs to be supported in many ways

In order to make WC advertising present the best effect, it is necessary to ensure that there are high-quality products, exquisite login pages, excellent advertising creativity, and accurate advertising positioning can be operated.

Finally, sellers should be reminded that Facebook ads need to be tested many times, and only through objective data can we determine the best advertising solution.

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