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Facebook marketing | Drive traffic to your blog

January 25 2022

When most users use Facebook, they are thinking about how to drive more traffic through Facebook marketing. Because blogs that can be shared, visited, and commented on can help improve rankings.drive more traffic

Liven up your blog with video

1)Make short videos, no longer than three minutes.

2)When releasing videos, you can publish them simultaneously on blogs and Facebook.

Hosting events on your blog is essential

When organizing the event, state the time, prizes, number of participants, rules and deadlines clearly.

So at this point, you need to clear your mind:

1)Post detailed rules for the event on your blog.

2)Submit the activity information of the blog on Facebook, so that more friends can see it and share it.

3)Share or upload a caption to display the prize information and encourage your fans to comment on your blog.

Share great articles on Facebooknetworking is that it's all about sharing

1)The first thing to understand about networking is that it’s all about sharing.

2)Share quality content on Facebook.

3)Sharing is a process of mutual trust, both for fans and original authors.

Find the best-performing articles each week

1)Post your weekly best-performing posts on your blog to Facebook. So that traffic can be diverted to the blog.

2)Use lookbook to create an attractive image.

Use Facebook ads to promote your blog

If you share a blog post on Facebook that is popular, it means that people like your type of post. Then you might as well give it another hand.

At this point, you can use Facebook ads to promote your blog. It is recommended that you use PPC and charge per click. At the same time, you can also do AB testing of your ads, so that it is more convenient to see which types of ads are more popular with fans.

You can use a blog tag on your Facebook pageblog

1)It is necessary to establish a blog, so as to ensure the corresponding flow of information.

2)You can install a blog APP on Facebook so that you can write a blog directly from Facebook.

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