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What to know before placing Facebook ads?

January 25 2022

In advertising re-marketing, it is necessary to recommend advertising to those audiences who have visited the website in order to promote conversion. What information do you need to know before advertising?Facebook

Before creating an AD, you need to know?

What are the products that users are interested in?

Everyone will pay more attention to the familiar content between the familiar content and some unfamiliar ads. Simply put, it is easier to show users the product content they are interested in than to attract their attention.

Therefore, remarketing Facebook ads as close as possible to the content that users are interested in can increase the conversion rate accordingly.content that users are interested in

What is the mode of purchase?

When remarketing Facebook ads, do you need to know whether users are using a computer or a mobile device at the time of purchase? If you have a lot of mobile access from your clients, but no follow-through, you might want to consider running ads only on computers.

Upload goods

The final step in creating product re-marketing is to upload the product catalog. After uploading, don’t forget to select dynamic advertising.


How should the content of a Facebook AD be targeted for re-marketing?

Get the pixel code and put it on the website

Only when you put the pixel code into the website can you track the user information. After you put the pixel code into the website, you can choose the audience.

Customize the types of audienceCustomize the types of audience

Custom audiences fall into five categories:

1)Everyone who has visited the site.

2)People who have visited a particular page.

3)People who have visited only one particular page and no other pages.

4)Page dwell time reaches a certain value.

5)Custom combination.

How do you set up a custom combination?

If you can’t find the information, or if you only have a specific time limit for your audience, you can just add a comment below, such as visitors in the last seven days.

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