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Facebook pixel | What is it and is it important?

February 10 2022

Facebook pixel is used for Facebook ads, and the term Facebook pixel is mentioned whenever Facebook ads are involved. Is the Facebook pixel really that important?

The Facebook pixel is really important when you are running ads. Although Facebook only provides you with a piece of code, you can use this code to understand the actions of users who have visited your website.the actions of users who have visited your website

Once you have tracked that data through the Facebook pixel, you can use that data to optimize your Facebook advertising strategy.

What are the specific roles of a Facebook pixel?

  • Build similar audiences: Using the Facebook pixel, you can build similar audiences and find new customers through these. This way you can reach more people when you place Facebook ads, and the information of these audiences will become more and more accurate at a later stage.
  • Getting data: Facebook pixel can let you know which pages users have visited; which pages have been viewed by the most people; which users just added products; which users have made orders, etc.
  • Re-marketing: Facebook has a re-marketing function, after you get the relevant data provided by Facebook pixel, you can target the non-paying users for re-marketing and reach a better group of customers.Getting data

How to install Facebook pixel?

  • Install it manually by yourself.
  • Install it through a third-party tool.
  • Find a programmer to do the installation.

How to judge whether the Facebook pixel is effective after installation?

  • After you have installed Facebook pixel, you can determine whether a Facebook pixel is effective by entering the URL of the site
  • You can go back to the management background of Facebook ads and click on the pixel to see if the Facebook pixel is in effect.
  • Use your browser’s plug-in to detect whether the Facebook pixel is in effect or not.
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