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How can I tell if TikTok restrictded my views?

March 17 2022

Do you know how fast the popularity of TikTok is growing? If you go to Google Trends and do a search you will see that it is growing at an amazing rate.Google trends-TikTok

On the contrary, the search volume of YouTube is showing a slight downward trend.Google trends-YouTube

So, if you want to gain visibility, then try using TikTok, where there are really a lot of people posting short videos or doing live streaming.

However, some users were very excited to post their first video and then waited anxiously for two hours to find that the number of views was still 0. This is really a frustrating phenomenon. If you have also encountered this situation, then you may have been limited to the number of views. But you should know that not all cases of low viewership are due to this, there are other situations that can cause this phenomenon. So how exactly can you tell the difference?

Three cases where TikTok really restricts the views

Being reported too many times

If your TikTok account is being used for marketing and has been reported too many times due to inappropriate over-marketing, then the resulting restriction on views is a real and irreversible penalty. At this point, your account will be considered unqualified by TikTok and all future videos posted will be restricted.

In addition to being reported for excessive marketing, there are two other situations where traffic will be permanently restricted. One is when the content of the video always involves illegal and sensitive words, and the other is when the account is always logged in under unsafe and volatile networks.

TikTok doesn’t notify you of what the restriction is for. But this is basically a case of being permanently restricted. If you are sure that your account has been restricted for these reasons, then you can observe it for a few days and if there is no change, then you need to register a new TikTok account.

If you find it very difficult to create a secure network environment, then you can try a browser that can create a virtual runtime environment. Create a separate and secure browsing environment by creating a new profile.

Suspected because of abnormal operation

What is an abnormal operation? For example:

  • A sudden and extreme increase in the number of followers of the account.
  • A sudden change in the style of the video.
  • Excessive directing of people’s attention.
  • The frequency of posting videos is significantly different from the norm.

All these situations are considered abnormal operations. If your friend suddenly has a drastic change in temperament, then you will definitely find it strange. The same applies to TikTok, where abnormal behavior can easily lead to TikTok’s scrutiny, and the result is usually a limit on the number of views.TikTok

But this restriction will only last for a period of time, maybe 7, 15, or 30 days. What you need to do at this time is to stop the abnormal operation to avoid things from getting worse, and at the same time to moderately post high-quality videos to keep your account active. During this time, you should try to avoid carrying videos and post original short videos to more easily restore the credibility of your account.

The account is newly registered

It is very normal for newly registered accounts to be limited in views because your account doesn’t have any credibility yet. TikTok doesn’t know you and your account, there is no way to provide accurate recommendation opportunities for your videos, and your device and video quality are yet to be tested. All of this is a result of TikTok’s Risk Control System.

This limitation can be changed, what you can do is to insist on posting original short videos with characteristics, make your own unique creative style, get higher trust, and the chance to be recommended.

Which cases are not restricted views by TikTok?

The three cases mentioned above are a long-term situation of being restricted by TikTok. But sometimes the low viewership of your video is not due to a long-term restriction imposed by TikTok. A few common scenarios are

  • The video is not precisely targeted to the right group of viewers.
  • The video is not suitable for showing.
  • The content of the video is not appealing.

Not reaching the right audience

If you post a video that has views, but the viewership is low, then first check to see if you have placed the video with the wrong audience. For example, is the dance content being placed in the fitness section?

The video content doesn’t match the viewer’s interest or the content is irregular, then your initial viewership will be low. One is because viewers don’t like it, and the other is because TikTok doesn’t know exactly what content you want to make and can’t push your video to the users who like it.

In short, this is caused by your inefficiency, not by any penalty TikTok has done to you.Not reaching the right audience

The video is not suitable for showing

Here it is not that your video contains bloody violence and other illegal content because accounts with such content will be blocked.

But if the content of your video is excessively similar to certain videos, then TikTok will also limit the viewership of this video and will not even show it to the viewers. This intervention is made for a certain video, so it doesn’t affect the next video you’re going to post.

So before you post a video, go see if there are people who are doing the same content as you! If there are, try to highlight yourself in a short video!

The video content is not engaging

In fact, this is what causes the low views! Have you ever thought about actually posting a video that no one has been watching because the video you made wasn’t actually that engaging? It seems too ordinary?

If the quality of your video is very poor, there is no way to attract the attention of the user, then naturally it will be ignored by the user directly. If it is ignored, the system will not record the number of views. Many users have not found this reason, and then they will think that their videos are not watched because TikTok is behind it, and it is limiting their viewership.The video content is not engaging

In fact, there is a way to change this phenomenon.

First, to determine what content this TikTok account is going to make videos, send them on for a long time, and let TikTok use the algorithm to find the audience.

Then, choose rhythmic music that has become very popular recently when making the video. You have to focus on the harmony between the video content and the background music because on TikTok music is a very important part of the video and it can attract a lot of viewers! You can certainly leverage the power of the TikTok Sound charts. If you really don’t know what video to post, you can also make Duet.

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