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No Views? How to Get More TikTok Views?

March 16 2022

On March 15, Cannes Film Festival announced a partnership with TikTok to provide TikTok users with exclusive content such as behind-the-scenes footage and red carpet interviews. At the same time, the Cannes Film Festival added a TikTok short video competition track, “TikTokShortFilm”, where users can submit short films of 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length. This is proof that the influence and recognition of TikTok are gradually increasing.

And it’s true that many people have created a lot of value through TikTok now, but why are your videos slow to become popular? How can you get more views of TikTok videos? This article will give you an idea.TikTok

How to get more Tiktok views?

Optimize video quality

Why is your video not watched? In the vast majority of cases, it’s that your video is not good, and some users don’t even think it’s worth being watched for the time it takes. So when it comes to your video, they don’t even think about skipping it.

The goal of video optimization is to increase the rate of full-play videos.

If your account keeps posting videos that “no one wants to watch”, then your account weight will be reduced by TikTok, because TikTok will think that the video you post is not important or even that it takes up a lot of resources. Then you will not get a lot of resources and opportunities in the future.

So you need to go for more quality content. You can spend a little time patiently watching videos that have been around for a long time but are still growing in viewership, and then analyze their merits, such as what style of background music they use and what kind of novel editing techniques they take …… to apply them to your videos as well.

If your account has been downgraded, then you can first try to place a few quality videos to see if you can regain the credibility of your account, and if that fails, then you need to change your equipment and register a new account and start over. Sometimes it is more cost-effective to give up than to blindly regain.Summarize the advantages of other people's videos and apply them

Make content that fans like

If you have a lot of followers, but the number of video views suddenly plummeted, don’t rush yet, you can first analyze the data in the past one or two days and calculate the number of views from For You.

If the number of views is 0, it means that there is a serious problem with the principle of your video, such as being judged as a secondary creation. For copyright reasons, TikTok will then restrict this video.

If the numbers from For You are not zero but are also low, then there is a problem with the video content. The solution is that in addition to posting high-quality content, you need to analyze more what content your fans like to watch. Look up some more previous data!

Suggestions to increase TikTok views

Stay awake

Knowing the trade-offs is a very important thing when running your TikTok account. All you have to do is to stay awake and not be blinded by some superficial achievements.

Let’s take an example to illustrate. You have a new TikTok number that has a sudden surge in followers, always stay awake because the number of views from For You may still not be high. Never be fooled by the number of followers, the number of views is the key to measuring the excellence of your account.

For the problem of a surge in followers, but still no views, there is probably something wrong with your account.

If you have a lot of followers, but the number of views from For You has recently started to decline and the number of followers has started to fall, try to keep posting videos daily for a month to see if you can recover. After a month without any success, then all you have to do is quit your account and let it cool down for a while, then look for problems with your videos in the meantime and make videos that match the trend as soon as possible.

Don’t fake traffic

When building your TikTok account, don’t spend money on traffic (whether it’s buying followers or likes) if the traffic has been bad either!

If you do, all you will get is a bunch of zombie fans. They can’t help you increase your visibility because TikTok can’t tag your account with characteristics based on the browsing habits of zombie fans. Real fans will be attracted to the videos you post, and when they become a group, then TikTok will assign tags to your account based on their characteristics.

The worst part is that sometimes these zombie fans get your account downvoted instead! When your account’s followers increase very suddenly and none of them are active, then it may attract TikTok’s scrutiny.Don't fake traffic

So what you need to do is to put your feet on the ground and make valuable quality videos, so as to find out the breakthrough exclusively for you.


What is the way to increase the viewership of TikTok videos? In a nutshell, it’s to do more testing, find out what interests your audience, and work on improving the quality of your video content.

Creating good ideas for original videos doesn’t just happen when you want to have them, so accumulating some material from life and finding the fun in life is the best solution! This may also be the content that TikTok wants people to feel.

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