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What TikTok videos have the most views?

March 18 2022

Why do TikTok videos have no views?

TikTok has already surpassed Youtube and Instagram in terms of downloads in 2020, but by June 2021, Tiktok has already become the first app in the world, besides Facebook, to reach 3 billion downloads. This is indeed due to the fact that TikTok is very good at using fragmented time, The pleasurable stimulation of the cerebral cortex for 15 seconds makes it very popular with many users.

There are many people who are getting a lot of attention through TikTok, they are posting interesting videos every day and even interacting with their fans all over the world. But why aren’t the videos you make getting a lot of views? It’s because you haven’t planned your TikTok account properly, for example, you haven’t found the right image positioning or ventured into very popular areas.TikTok

Give Tik Tok accounts and videos a good image positioning

What is the image positioning of TikTok accounts and videos?

Can you answer these questions: Who are you? What do you want to do? How are you different from others?

If you can answer these questions, it means you already have a preliminary knowledge of image positioning. In the game of TikTok field, only if you have a unique image positioning and keep on sticking to it, will people notice you and get more views.

Therefore, first, you need to have a clear perception of the type of account and the future direction of making videos. Once you determine the route you want to take don’t change it easily. Take this path farther and farther and keep digging into all the possibilities.

Over time you will find that you will become a more vocal person in this field, and TikTok is also very willing to recommend this distinctive video of yours to more people who like it. This is a long-term strategy.

How to find an image positioning for TikTok accounts and videos?

Now that you understand the importance of image positioning, how do you go about finding ways to position your image for more views? Actually, there is no need to think of it as very complicated, you can start with the following ideas.

  • Your interest

Interest is the best motivation. Because doing TikTok short videos is a very long-term activity, you may have to worry about finding material and editing videos every day in the future, so why not do something you like and are good at? If you like makeup and dressing, then you can do videos in that area, and in addition to gaining fans, maybe you will also gain like-minded friends.

  • People’s preferences

If you care a lot about the number of followers but have no particular preferred interests, then you can make videos based on people’s preferences that they like.

You can check out the current very hot areas according to TikTok’s recommendations, analyze and capture current hotspots and catch up with the current trends. Hotspot here refers to macro trends, not for you to change the topic of creation according to every day. For example, if you think makeup videos are always very popular, then you can follow along. If you change the theme and type of creation every day, it will instead be detrimental to the image of your TikTok account.

  • Gaps in the market

This is the opposite of catering to everyone’s preferences and is for you to tap into the more novel content that no one has done yet. Although this approach is risky, there is also a very big opportunity. Once it works, you will gain a lot of followers.

You can watch more TikTok videos and go for whatever content is missing. If you choose this method to build your TikTok video image, then come up with more fresh cultural ideas.Give TikTok accounts and videos a good image positioning

What types of TikTok videos are currently getting a lot of views?

Which TikTok videos reap the most views? This is a question that many people who want to gain TikTok fans quickly are asking. Below you will find a few areas.

“Funny” videos

Despite the differences in countries and regions, no one can refuse to be happy. Life and work are more stressful nowadays, and because of the global epidemic, everyone is in great need of some happiness. That’s why funny short videos are very easy to get everyone’s likes and attention.

You can work on some funny content, or you can shoot the video yourself. You can also make a few reasonable prank videos if you have the conditions to be able to appear in real life.

At first, you can try to imitate, pay attention to the content must be funny, because funny to absorb fans, but also can not just imitate, with a certain number of fans to learn to do their own purely original video, so as to attract more fans attention.“Funny” videos

Food videos

Many people’s dream is to travel around the world and taste local specialties, and food-related videos are always a popular topic and will not be disliked because of cultural differences. So if you’re good at cooking, or if you’re always out and about looking for food, then you can definitely try making these videos.

And if you are making videos about cooking food, it saves you even more trouble in designing lines and subtitles. Of course, you have to be respectful of your audience when placing videos and don’t cause culture clashes, for example, if most of your fans are from Muslim areas, then never post pork-related videos.

Pet videos

Pet videos are very popular on TikTok because many young people nowadays are lonely and having a pet is a way to heal the soul. But there are also many people who cannot have a pet due to the constraints of reality, so they choose to watch videos online.

Artistic videos

Art is a kind of beauty, and as long as it is beautiful there will be people willing to appreciate it. One of the benefits of doing a crafty video is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time beautifying the video because you are making beauty yourself. For example, you can paint a picture quietly or do some interesting arts and crafts.

Trendy videos

If you are very concerned about trends and have your own unique opinion, then you can make videos related to modern trends and make yourself a fashionable person. many users of Tiktok are young people who pursue fashion, and if your ideas are very good, you can make videos with very high viewership in this field.

But please pay attention to the scale of shooting videos, do not recommend some too exposed or indecent content. Be aware that this is against the rules of TikTok.

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