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How to get more engagement with Facebook ads?

February 24 2022

If you want Facebook ads to get more interactions and achieve remarketing, you need to spend more effort on users and also use some strategies. So what is the right way to do it? How can you get more engagement and conversions?get more engagement and conversions

Analyze and cater to your users

Change the ad format

Don’t set the tone of your ads as a call to purchase. This is because as ads continue to evolve, users are tired of seeing this form of ads.

So you can set some different content. For example, you can share the brand story, the production process of the product, some events to be held in the near future, and so on, to attract users’ curiosity and attention through novel stories.

Show more content that users want to see so that they can trust you more.

Analyze the characteristics of users who have visited the website

Many people who place Facebook ads want to expand their user base so that their ads reach as many users as possible. This is the right idea.

However, it’s a hypothetical idea that is fraught with constraints and uncertainties when it comes to implementation.expand their user base

It is more efficient to track and analyze the users who have already interacted with your website. Whether these people have just browsed your products or have already purchased them, they already have a certain impression of your brand. So how does it need to be done?

  1. Go to Facebook’s Ads Management Center.
  2. Select Pixel in Settings.
  3. Find Create Custom Audience.
  4. Select all website visitors.

If you have your own analysis ideas, it is also possible to make changes according to your needs.

Strategies to optimize Facebook engagement and conversion results

Run regular campaigns

It is necessary to create regular campaigns on Facebook for the store or for a certain product. Or you can also create a contest.

When creating a contest, you can prepare quality prizes for the winner in order to motivate users to participate. By offering prizes, it brings maximum exposure to the users who participate. This is a great one for marketing, regardless of the platform.motivate users to participate

Keeping ads relevant to the audience

Only by keeping ads relevant to your audience can you ensure that your previous investment will pay off.

And by doing so you will receive relatively fewer ad complaints and have a higher probability of passing the review.

Design ad videos that can be played on mute

Many users browse Facebook in silent mode, so you can design an ad video that can be well understood even in silent mode. This is where subtitles or graphics are more important.browse Facebook in silent mode

Monitoring Facebook ad data

Checking the data of Facebook ads is a task that must be done every day. So how to monitor the data?

  1. Go to Facebook Ads Management Center.
  2. In Campaign Manager, find Create Custom Conversions.
  3. In the categories, there will be many different types, find the people you want to track, here include users who added a purchase, users who joined a wish list, users who made an order operation, etc.

If you use this feature effectively, it will play a very important role in the conversion of your website.

Organize users’ comments

If you have been operating for a while, then you will get a certain number of reviews, at this time you can collate some quality positive reviews and display them on a priority basis.

Keep landing pages consistent with ads

This point is overlooked by many people. Because most sellers think that when placing Facebook ads, they just need to make sure the material is good.

But the truth is, Facebook will review your ad landing page as well as the ad. So the landing page and the ad must be consistent. Because if you can’t pass the review, not to mention conversion and interaction.

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