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Promote your Store and Business with Facebook ads!

February 23 2022

Nowadays, more and more people choose to join the ranks of cross-border e-commerce, among them, there are many cross-border e-commerce companies that use Facebook for store promotion.

Because no matter how good your store design is and how affordable your products are, no one will know about your store as long as you don’t promote it. So how to promote your store and business with Facebook ads?ad

What are the issues to pay attention to before placing Facebook ads?

Comply with Facebook’s advertising rules

Facebook has introduced a page rating function for homepages. If your page has a low rating, it will be difficult for your ads to pass the review. Therefore, when placing Facebook ads, you must first understand Facebook’s advertising rules.

Facebook ad review time is generally 24 hours, so if you send ads with content that is unacceptable to the platform, then don’t waste your time and money.

The advertising messages that Facebook resists are:

  1. Pictures or contents that make before and after comparisons of products for sale.
  2. Content that contains financial information.
  3. Intentionally set up suspense in order to make the post get attention.
  4. Information that contains sensitive or misleading information such as drugs, tobacco, adult products, weapons, etc.
  5. A large number of typos and grammatical errors in the content
  6. If the content of the ad you placed is complained about, it will be re-examined no matter how long your ad has been applied. In serious cases, your ad will be removed.

So before placing Facebook ads, be sure to check the platform’s advertising policy carefully to avoid unacceptable results.rules

Learn to tell a story based on the product

No matter what type of ad you are placing, you can advertise through storytelling.

Because stories make it easy for users of any age group to remember something. So you can tell a story around the product that is more appealing, which will also deepen the user’s impression of the product.

It’s easy to explain why many businesses are now using stories with a sense of immersion to attract the attention of users.

If you use scenes that users can usually encounter, you will get better results. You can look for ideas from highly rated movies or TV shows.

What do I need to pay attention to when placing Facebook ads?

What format should I use for advertising?

When placing Facebook ads, it is recommended that you choose to place your ads in video format. Because for video, the Facebook algorithm is more friendly. And not only Facebook likes videos, but also the users who use Facebook prefer them.

By placing your ads in video format, you can also provide users with a more comprehensive and visual understanding of your product.place your ads in video format

What kind of video to use?

Many users who use placement Facebook ads place videos of their products or take pictures in the same context.

Such a form of advertising can result in spending a lot of money, but the effect of the ad does not attract the attention of users. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the content is attractive when selecting the video.

Strategies for Facebook ad placement

Use interstitial ads

What is interstitial advertising? Gap ads are like the ads that we usually intersperse while watching TV.

Facebook ads also come in this form, which is mainly about showing ads to users while they are browsing posts. This is a way to get the user’s attention by interrupting them.

Use interstitial ads to ensure that they are approachable and persuasive because you have interrupted the user’s reading experience. Never show it in the form of a guide, otherwise, it will easily cause users to resent it.cause users to resent it

Use call-to-action buttons

If you don’t have a call-to-action button in your ad, it doesn’t matter how well your ad content is done. What is a call-to-action button? Like “Learn more” or “Show more”.

Create a Facebook page to post ads

When creating a Facebook fan community, you need to spend most of your time creating a Facebook page.

Post some content on the Facebook page that is of interest to the users. This content does not need to be long, but whether you write it yourself or share quality content from others, you need to make sure that the content is something that your audience will enjoy.

You can also share some videos or images, etc.

Turn short ads into long ads for re-marketing

Facebook generally does not have long ads. So if there is too much text on the image, it won’t pass the review.

Since there is no way to pass the review of long ads, how to change from short ads to long ads?

Although you can’t place a long ad directly on Facebook, you can post a short ad on Facebook followed by a “learn more” link.

If you need a lot of content to introduce your product, but the information can’t be put into a Facebook ad, you can use this method to place the ad. The landing page for this link does not have to be textual, but can also use video. However, it is best to use a soft ad format for the landing page.learn more

Offer discounts regularly

Using discounts will definitely attract more users. Why? Because discounts mean that you can save some money on your favorite products, and most users can’t resist the temptation of discounts.

If you sell a popular product with a discount, even those who haven’t bought anything from your store will stop to see your ad and even enter your store.

Establish authoritybuild authority and credibility

In what ways can authority be gained? You can build authority and credibility through the comments section or by interacting with your friends.

When you see a user ask a question, be sure to answer it professionally enough. After all, this is the product you are selling. And you are also building a brand image by interacting with users.

It is important to note at this point that there will be comments on the content posted, and it is normal for these comments to be both good and bad. After all, it’s hard to do that everyone likes your product. These comments will include some suggestions left by users for the product, and you need to sort through those comments at this point. Leave those comments that are true and good for product optimization, and delete the spam comments that are meaningless.

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