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How to operate the Facebook Shop?

February 15 2022

Why is Facebook shop important?

Facebook belongs to a huge traffic pool that can bring a lot of traffic to our e-commerce friends, which can help merchants gain a larger user base.help merchants gain a larger user base

Merchants can rely on this powerful traffic source and combine it with e-commerce channels to gain more fans. This way not only can make the ecological group more complete but also the future development space will be large.

We have to admit that the launch of the Facebook shop has really relieved the pressure on the survival of SMEs. Users can not only buy products directly through the Facebook shop but also channel them to e-commerce platforms. At the same time, it is also possible to send inquiries and track shipments directly to companies via messenger in the Facebook shop.

The Facebook shop can realize real-time shopping, which reflects Facebook’s great determination to enter the e-commerce industry, and it also allows users to realize a direct shopping experience by means of live streaming.Store

How can we accumulate more users?

Many e-commerce friends know that the best choice for attracting traffic is Facebook, and the launch of Facebook’s shop feature means that sellers have another channel to sell their products.

What do sellers need to prepare if they want to sell their products on Facebook?

After the product is on the shelves, the shop needs to be constantly optimized, but also through the placement of Facebook ads or quality content releases to attract more fans, so that you can use these fans later, to rush out higher sales. At the same time, the comments left by fans can give you a higher weight.live selling

Now Facebook also opened live selling, which is a way that many e-commerce friends have never been exposed to before, so it is important to seize the accumulation of the early stage in order to ensure a later run.

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