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TikTok 0 views | What you should know about the TikTok mechanism?

March 14 2022

Have you been worrying about the number of TikTok video views not going up? As Tiktok started to become popular around the world, more and more people feel that there are many opportunities here and started to use Tiktok. but the reality is harsh, many people encounter a lot of difficulties in running their TikTok, and even the videos are 0 views.

So when operating TikTok, equipment and material is not a very difficult problem to solve, but the problem of videos without traffic is a big problem in mind. After all, the purpose of many people using TikTok is to get more fame or money provided by the platform.

We’ve already talked about the main reasons why your TikTok has no views in previous articles, such as a problematic network environment, substandard video quality, and so on. But to solve the problem of low viewership, or to prevent the situation of no one watching again, you need to know more about TikTok and its mechanics. This article will introduce you to some of them.

What should you know about TikTok’s viewership data?

  1. The viewership data of just-released videos are not updated in time

Sometimes showing no viewers on the homepage doesn’t mean that your video is really not watched, but that the data is not updated in time.

The TikTok system sometimes has a data delay, i.e. the homepage shows zero views. But if you can receive comments likes and other information about the video, it means that the video is actually getting traffic, just that your homepage data is not updated

You can restart the software first, and if the data is still not refreshed, you will need more accurate statistics. At this point, you can open this video, click the three dots on the right and select Data Analysis in the bottom left corner to view the video’s real-time situation in detail through data analysis. (It takes about 3 days to view the data of the video just released)


  1. The video released by a new account will not be recommended by the platform immediately

A video posted by a new account may take several hours or even up to the next day before it has a chance to be recommended by the platform. Because the new account’s account qualifications and video quality need to be evaluated, you will lack a certain amount of display opportunities, so the number of views will not be very high.the new account's account qualifications and video quality need to be evaluated

So saying that one or two or even a few videos don’t have much viewership doesn’t prove that something is wrong with your account or quality, all you have to do is keep your videos updated and keep putting out more quality content.

If you think your videos are of good quality, but after posting more than 20 videos still no one is watching them, then it is only possible that there is a problem with the previously mentioned reasons, such as the account. At this point, it is recommended that you log out and log back in after a period of time (maybe 1 month) to see if you can get recommendations again. If this doesn’t work either, then you may need to change your device and register a new TikTok account.

Mechanisms in TikTok that can lead to low video views

Device and network environment are not trusted

Why was your TikTok account suddenly downgraded? Why was it not passed even after being dropped from the old account and then re-registered with a new email address?

Because TikTok has very strict control over the network and device environment of the account. If your network and device environment is very unstable (for example, IP address is not fixed and always changing), then your account will not be trusted by the platform. The most serious thing is that you manage multiple accounts on one device and in the same network environment, which will be considered by TikTok that you are doing bad things with it. And after being punished, your device information will be recorded, this device is also blacklisted, and you won’t be able to register other TikTok accounts with it.

So try to make sure your account has a separate and secure operating environment. If you really want to manage multiple TikTok accounts at the same time, try to create multiple profiles, for example using ClonBrowser to simulate many different device environments!

A special point here: Never login to your TikTok account with a second-hand phone. First, you don’t know if the device is banned by TikTok; second, replacing the device information can easily cause suspicion of the platform.cause suspicion of the platform

Video does not comply with TikTok’s check or promotion logic

If you create a video that violates TikTok’s check or promotion logic, then it will not get good views either.

The TikTok platform determines whether the content you create is highly consistent with videos created by others by comparing the overlap of a certain image in a video. So all you have to do is make your video different, or at least not exactly the same as the ones you borrowed from. It is very difficult to pass the check for secondary created videos, so you have to try to stay original.

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