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Q&A summary of Facebook advertising basics

January 13 2022

For those of you who choose Facebook ads, it’s important to know the basics. Only then will you know how to optimize the operation. Let’s take a look!

What does a custom audience mean?

You can create an audience group by email, phone number, pixel, or SDK. The custom audience you create will become the core audience of your site, and Facebook can create similar audience information based on your custom audience information to achieve a precise expansion effect.core audience

What does bidding mean?

Bidding represents the value of optimization time for a user you think is your target audience. Facebook sets the bidding strategy based on which you choose and then raises or lowers it based on your specific bidding situation, also known as equalization bidding. Of course, equalization bidding only happens when the AD group is performing poorly or choosing to speed up.

If you want to get the most out of your budget, it is recommended that you choose to bid with the lowest fees.

If you want to optimize events with a stable cost, then it is recommended that you use target cost bidding.get the most out of your budget

How to improve conversion after CPM reduction?

You can improve your AD score by adjusting your content, audience, and text.

The analysis is carried out through thousands of presentations:

1) Thousand times of high display: It is not recommended to use a high budget way of advertising, so as to avoid the problem of advertising collapse.

2)Thousand times of low display: You can increase your budget appropriately to run your ads.

If your ROI is good but your thousand impressions are high, you can keep the AD group and create a new AD group. When the thousand impressions are down, you can use the data to decide whether to keep the AD group or not.

If your ROI is down but your thousand impressions are still high, don’t hesitate to close the AD team.

What factors affect the direction of optimization of advertising?

Bid, positioning, material, the audience will affect the direction of advertising optimization.

How to understand and operate time-sharing?

The cost of advertising is determined by the time when the target audience is most active, so when is there more opportunity for advertising to be displayed?

The measure of advertising effectiveness is not only based on a certain time of day, but also depends on whether The Facebook advertising system is effective for each display, and the direction of the next display can be measured by analyzing the data of multiple days.

If the effect of the AD in the display has not been very good at a certain period of time, then you can try to put in a period of time that is effective.

How to extend the life cycle of the product?

Expand the scope of the audience; Conduct multi-material tests; It is possible to change the location of the country.Expand the scope of the audience

Will the length of the adverts affect thousands of opportunities?

As long as sensitive words are not used, it will not affect thousands of presentations, but if the amount of text exceeds 20 percent of the picture, it will affect thousands of presentations.

If the slogan is attractive, it will bring better interaction to the AD post, and there will be a reduction in thousand of views.

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